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Artificial flowers?!

Is this terrible?! I really want to do all my flowers myself and I feel like it would be easiest and a load cheaper if I just went with artificial flowers. Also I looove hydrangeas but they are such a sensitive flower. Do people really pay that close of attention, especially the ones used in centerpieces?!?
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Re: Artificial flowers?!

  • Have you looked at this website for wholesale flowers:

    I just think, especially in June, that it would be a shame to not use all the nature and blooming flowers that the season has to offer. Nice, artifical flowers can also cost just as much (and more) than real flowers.
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    Since we have so much time it might be a fun project to try your hand at gardening.  My mom and aunt already have flourishing hydrangeas so their going to attempt to grow our other flowers.  If it doesn't work, I'll know by summer time and go to plan b, which is using a DIY florist that specializes is selling just the flowers for less than if they made all of the bouquets/centerpieces.

    I agree with Kelsey, although artificial flowers are beautiful and often times fool the heck out of me, they are so expensive that when all is said and done you likely could have bought real ones.  Unless you're an awesome coupon clipper and hit JoAnns/Michaels when they are having a super flower sale to begin with :)
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  • I am using fake flowers for my centerpieces. I don't think its terrible at all. It can be a centerpiece that someone can take home and enjoy for years to come   :)  I feel like real flowers aren't worth the money if they are going to die shortly after (...this makes me the biggest hypocrite because I was ONLY about using real flowers when I first started planning)

    I am still debating on using real flowers for all the bouquets or just mine...the same with the boutineers (sp)....

  • Why not do a centerpiece with minimal flowers?  Mine is going to have a lantern ($9), a bunch of votives w/ candles (.50 each), stones (Free, gathering from my parents house), moss (about $20 total), and little square vases ($1.30 per vase) (about 4 per table) with 1 rose bloom each (.75 per stem)...total I think I am spending about $20 on each centerpiece...I'm putting together the flower vases in advance and keeping them in the fridge.

    If you are using a lot of artificial flowers you'll likely end up paying the same amount, Get Creative!  I am far more interested by a centerpiece that is creative with no flowers than one that has artificial flowers.  (Unfortunately most artificial flowers look, well, artificial)  I also don't want to spend an arm and a leg on flowers so am thinking of creative ways to decorate without or with minimal (one reason I decided to have our ceremony in a garden) :)

    There are some artificial flowers that are much more realistic looking...I don't know if you have a hobby lobby by you, but they have some that feel ALMOST real.  If you are going the way of artificial flowers, make sure you really inspect before purchasing so they don't look super fake

    Like PP's said, try wholesale flowers and gardening too!  Seeds/bulbs are pretty inexpensive for some flowers.

    Just my 2 cents :)HTH!
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  • Why not use potted plants/flowers?  I'm going to work succulents into my arrangements...I love fresh flowers, but they're so eco-unfriendly that I don't want to go too overboard with them. 

    I feel like every time I look at a fake flower, it's pretty expensive.  I can get 3 hydrangea for $12-15 at Whole Foods.  I feel like a fake hydrangea costs about $5-8.
  • I'm glad you asked because I was wondering the same.  I'm trying to figure out whether I want to DIY with fake flowers too, but have heard that sometimes they can cost as much as real, so I'm doing the shopping around right now trying to figure out which is most cost effective.

    Other made some good points...if you use fake flowers you can let some of the guests take them home and enjoy them forever!  I have also thought about using less flowers and more candles.  Another option maybe be to do flowers on some tables and candle arrangements on others.

    To answer your question, I don't think most people will care that they are fake flowers in the centerpiece unless they look really fake and/or tacky.
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  • I was tossing around the idea of using artificial flowers for our boquets. I have certain flowers I want and they might be too expensive to have real ones. I will have real flowers for the centerpieces. They will be from a local grower and bought in bulk. Way cheaper that way!

    I wish we could grow our own flowers! With our weather in Montana, there is no way I could have them blooming by then! :(
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  • I don't think most people will care if you use fresh vs. fake flowers, particularly in both this economy and with climate change awareness.  That said, keep in mind that nicer quality fake flowers can be just as, if not more, expensive than real flowers.  I would definitely price out both options if you're trying to save money.
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  • I'm using silk flowers for the centerpieces. We're going to submerge them so nobody will be able to tell anyway.  Our other flowers will be real.
  • check out www.efavormart.com that is where i think i am getting my flowers from cause i want roses and colored babys breath and they are much much cheaper from there, i can do all 7 bouquets and bouts and everything for about $200, would cost me about $1500 for real ones or $800 or so for real ones diy because i want navy. I checked out the fake ones in person and they will be good, no one will notice.
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    I'm using silks for everything since my mom is allergic to flowers.  It actually worked out in my favor anyway though because I really wanted hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids, and touches of white roses.  In my area for these to be real for just bouquets, bouts, and a orchid in each centerpiece (10 total) the average was $700.  I got all my flowers at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and mostly afloral.com and spent just over $100 for everything (including tax, shipping and handling).  Also, the price was for real touch so they look very realistic and feel just about identical.

    I agree, hydrangeas can be a pain to work with because they are so delicate and need to be in water at all times.  For centerpieces, I know a lot of people use silk flowers and they can be done beautifully.  Silks today can look very realistic.
  • CVilleClaire- I plan on doing potted hydrangeas (great looking big ones at Home Depot for less than $20!) and trees for my centerpieces.  I also love that they are eco-friendlier!  And they are way cheaper than cut flowers.  Great suggestion!
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  • I'm using artificial flowers for all of the flowers in bouquets, bouts, etc. I want to be able to keep my bouquet forever.

  • Thanks for the input ladies! Its not cost so much that I am concerned about but the ease and ability to start working on them early! we will have minimal flowers in our centerpieces as the majority will be tall branches. there is a great discount floral place nearby that I can get flowers super cheap too so it will likely be cheaper which would just be a great added bonus! 
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  • I like the idea you have. When you are have a chance can you please put a picture up?
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  • No problem going with artificial flowers at all.  In my first wedding, I did all the flowers myself (with my mom's help!) and we used all artificial.  It works because I get pretty bad hayfever and didn't want to have to deal with pollen. 

    My allergies have improved since then though (think I grew out of them!).. so I'm not sure which route we're taking this time.
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