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Well ladies....

FI and I both agreed that our want to be married earlier isn't going to change, It isn't just a faze.

So, we have decided to move up the wedding to this July... We will be going to Vegas, with our family and closest friends.  And we couldn't be more happy about this!

We have spent a lot of time thinking and talking about this... and this is what our hearts want. Also, our families are THRILLED.

I have to admit though... I will kinda be sad about not getting to plan along side all of you anymore. You are such an awesome group of girls!
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Re: Well ladies....

  • Congratulations on the decision! Vegas sounds like lots of fun and I'm a little jealous that July is so close. Best of luck to you and your FI. Let us know how the wedding goes!
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  • I'm sorry to hear that, we're definitely going to miss you, but I'm really glad you guys have figured out what you really want & are acting on it!

    Come back and see us!
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  • Congratulations on making the decision!  Please be sure to come back and share pictures with us!!
  • Yes, what PP said.  Come back and show us pictures!  So glad you guys came to a decision.  Congratulations and Good luck!
  • Thanks for the support ladies!!! I think I'll stick around this board for a while... and still keep you all up to date. And believe me... I'll post lots of fun pictures for you all! I'm so excited!
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  • While I think we will all be sad to see you go, I agree that I couldn't be happier for you! And just because you are getting married sooner doesn't mean you can't still hang out here! Can't wait to see you pictures and best wishes for you and your FI! 
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    That is so exciting! I wish we could move ours up too.
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  • I'm so happy for you! Glad that you're doing what you REALLY want to do, and that means getting married so soon! Please do show pics and drop in from time to time! Come have fun with our QOTD and Game Day Friday! 
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  • That's so exciting!  Congratulations!!!!  Have you decided on where in Vegas?  It sounds like a lot of fun and you're family will still be there Smile
  • Congrats!  Please post pics for us and feel free to stick around for a while too.
  • I'm so excited for you (and jealous)! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures. :)
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  • That's exciting!  It's great that you guys are doing what's right for you both!  We'll miss you, make sure you pop in every now and then :)

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  • Congratulations!  Doing what you want and what is right for you is always the right decision!

    Come back and tell us all about it!
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  • Congrats & best of luck to you two! Please come back and share with us!!

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  • I somehow knew that this post would be something like this. That is sooooooo exciting, congrats!!! Did you have any deposits down already? Can you get them back?
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  • so now you'll be the first of the june 2012 brides to get married!  we'll miss you but i am so happy and excited for y'all!  how great that you were able to come to the decision that worked for you, together!
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  • Congratulations on coming to a decision that everyone is excited for! Come back and show us pictures! Think about us next June and come see ours too!

    Best of luck to you :)
  • Congrats!! That's exciting! Please come back with pictures.
  • Congratulations on making the decision!  I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming wedding and definitely come back and update us!
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  • Congrats!! I'm jealous!! I wish we could move ours up too! I agree with PPs come back and share pics and still come around!

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