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April 2012 Weddings

First project started!

So I'm taking a shot at making my own invitations.

Here's what I have so far. Seems a bit plain, I don't know what to add to this part (it's just the front cover, the rest is inside). Any suggestions? (I'm going to, on the next one, move each line down one line, so it's centered - unless there's a graphic I should add to the bottom?)

Thanks ladies (and gents if there are any here!)

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Re: First project started!

  • I love the saying but I agree its a little plain. Not to offend! I think that spacing so its centered is a good idea but I also think you should make the font a little smaller and add a few flourishes or something to it. I dont know what your theme is for the wedding but add a flourish and maybe something that goes with your theme. Your off to a great start and I cant wait to see the finished product. May I also suggest posting this on the DIY board. The ladies there are very crafty and can give lots of opinions. Just be prepared for honest ones! They speak their mind but to be helpful not harmful.
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