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How intimate is intimate?!?

So I have been toying with the idea of an intimate wedding...what's the guest count on a wedding that is deemed "intimate"?  I had originally thought that intimate would be about 25-30 people.  I have had read where intimate is 100 people.  What are you thoughts?

Re: How intimate is intimate?!?

  • It really depends on you. Whatever YOU think is intimate, is intimate. I know I talked to my Dad and Stepmom this weekend, and they were saying that they considered their wedding intimate and they had around 100 people. To some, intimate is 50 people. Like I said, it really depends on the person. Whatever you feel is right, go with it.
  • I agree with PP intimate is what you want it to be although I must say I've always considered an intimate wedding to be a small one

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  • Well, I think when you have people describe their wedding as an 'intimate affair', they simply mean it isn't one where there are 250 guests.

    To me, an 'intimate wedding' would be something else. For myself to call it 'intimate' I would need to invite less than 50 guests, for sure, but it shouldn't be a number game.

    Whatever you feel is appropriate and want is what works for you :)
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