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Hi Everyone!

afternoon ladies! I'm ashley and im an august 2014 bride as well! My finace and I have been engaged since Jan 2012, but are really just starting to plan out things. A lot of our friends and even some family think we're crazy for planning so early, do any of you have that issue too? What do you say to them? I just want everything to be perfect, becuase i plan on only doing this once! lol

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  • I'm an August 2014 bride too! But I've been engaged since February 2011. So I have a lot of those people too. It was kind of depressing at first because its such an exciting point in my life that I just want to get started doing it RIGHT NOW! But anytime I tried to talk to someone about it, even my fiance, they would just say "well you've got time to think about it". But I've found that venues really get booked up years in advance so you really shouldn't push it off anyway.Not too mention it gives you time to get ca-rahzzy ideas and even time to figure out how to pull them off! So I would just weather those people and not let them pull you down. Find a really good friend that wants to share it with you and just go for it! :)
  • Don't let anyone get you down. There is a ton of stuff you can do now. Plus once Jan 2013 hits, everyone's going to start booking. Plus you will have the Christmas & Valentine's Day engagements booking too. Our venue was already booked on our original date 6/14/14 and that was 2 months ago so we had to change dates.
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  • Welcome to The Knot! Congratulations on your engagement. I got engaged in January, also!
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    Welcome and dont let that bother you ive been engaged since May 2012 and i have already mapped out and planned all that i want to do for my wedding besides if you are able to book ppl now sometimes you get a cheaper rate because your booking soo early...

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