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wedding colors for august 2014

I really like the colors navy blue and champagne, but are those good colors for august (summer)? I just need another woman's opinion cause my fiancé agrees with me, but that's a mans opinion of course. Lol.

Also I found a dress that I absolutely love, it is in champagne.
Its on the bridal warehouse website... Mori Lee 1801
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Re: wedding colors for august 2014

  • My thing is its your wedding and no matter what the status quo may be when it comes to colors for winter, spring, summer and fall its up to you as to what colors you want for your wedding...i have chosen Magenta, Plum Purple, Silver, Black, Ivory and some hints of Lavender and Fuschia so all i can say is who cares you choose what you want and njoy your big day...after all its only one day HTH

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  • Navy and Champagne sound beautiful! I agree, I think the only "season-only" colors are Brown and Orange (for fall) and Red and Green (for winter). Aside from that, no one can tell you that you can't use those colors because they aren't "in season". 
  • Our colors are Royal Blue, Silver and Black.  We are doing a country themed wedding.
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  • I'm doing navy with some blush and ivory.  I'm not a bright summary color kind of person, so I just did want I wanted and fit my fiance and I.
  • My colors are coral reef,champagne, and mint green!
  • I'm going with bright blue dresses, sunflowers and hints of chocolate!  Who cares what is supposed to be "in-seson' just let your own heart (and maybe the venue decor) guide you in the right direction!
  • We're doing either navy and pale yellow or navy and gold- I think navy and champagne will be a very classy combination as well! Most of our decor will be fairly neutral with just touches of the colors as well
  • We decided on red and silver, but not the Christmas type red and silver :)
  • Mine are red and black. But that's due to the colors of my FH's motorcycle club. I say choose what colors you want and if anyone doesn't like it tell them "bite me". When they get married they can choose what they want. 
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  • Our colors are navy and hot pink =0)
  • Screw "in season" colors. We're doing blue and orange. Oh, wait, I forgot, we're doing "Sapphire Blue and Copper" because that's so much fancier. Or whatever.

    There is this beautiful water color that we have that's really important to us; it's orange tiger lilies on a blue background:

    So that painting is the theme of the wedding. The girls will be in blue dresses holding tiger lilies with copper jewelry.
  • Love those colors! It will be gorgeous for August, navy blue is a good summer/nautical color, or pretty fall & winter color too. I think the only season I wouldn't use navy is in spring. We are doing Coral, navy blue, peaches, champagne & ivory. My bridesmaids will all be in coral and the other colors will be my accent colors. Happy planning!
  • Lots of navy on here! I'm still deciding, but thinking of either navy or cobalt but with yellow accents. My venue is an estate house which is painted light yellow so I think the yellow accents in the bouquets, etc, will complement that and brighten up the blue! I agree your colors are good no matter what season,
  • We're doing navy and "mango" as my fiance likes calling it. Our reception is at a yacht club, so we're kind of having a nautical/beachy theme. I love how many blue - orangeish combinations there are!
  • I'm also hoping for navy with ivory/off white and whatever other colors happen to be there.  I think it's becoming popular because it looks good on everyone and is simple and pretty.  Great choice for any time of the year!
  • I think navy is great--since you have a brighter color with it (ivory), it won't be too heavy.  FWIW, we're doing orange and white (creamsicle lol) but having BMs wear navy because I am not mean enough to make them wear orange.
  • We're going with eggplant purple and canary yellow! :)
  • Turquoise and Coral

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  • Sounds gorgeous! I'm having a tough time picking accent colors... Already ordered BM dresses in a neutral brown and having turquoise jewelry. But I also really want to have tiger lillies as the main flower since its in season and grows wild up here. Are those an awful combination? (Brown Turquoise and Orange?) Kinda important to me because I'm an Art Instructor and gotta maintain my design rep haha.
  • I love those colors. Mine are navy blue/cobalt and yellow or gold accents. When I get into the decor I will know for certain. But most definitely blue!!
  • Love navy and champagne! Almost did champagne myself but decided to do navy and blush pink!
  • Gold, purple, and black.
  • I don't think the colors we are doing really falls into summer. I'm going for dark purple, silver (or grey) with white and black.
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    I think we're going with olive green, cream, gold, and peach. 
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  • Ours are purple and royal blue, which definitely aren't "summer" colors, but they fit in the theme of our wedding. It's good to hear other August brides doing some of the darker colors like navy, I was concerned that ours aren't really summer-y. 
  • Those colors are nice. I don't think I have summer colors. My wedding colors are black and fuchsia. But I love those colors so I'm not going to try to match the season.
  • I'm doing almost the same as @MsLynn .... regency purple, lavender, black, and white (gonna throw in a few pops of hot pink flowers too)
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  • Our colors are mint and blush with gold/champagne accents.
  • Our colors are Turquoise & Peach <3 I never thought of it before but they look gorgeous together!


  • We're doing navy blue, gray, pearl white and hints of a sandy color. Our wedding is being held on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California. A little bit beachy and a little bit lacey. 
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