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  • Our date is 8/16 and here is my inspiration for our colors. Plus lots of clean whites :)
  • Lots of Navy for the August Brides! We were originally planning on navy and soft yellow with lots of ivory and neutrals.. However after meeting with our florist and hearing navy can be a very difficult colour to match (I'm having all bridesmaids in similar colour but different dresses) we switched to dark rich red, champagne, black and ivory and now I can't imagine anything else! My inspiration for the red was the rich red colour of PEI sand (where the wedding will be) and my badass Betsey Johnson pumps (bought on a previous trip to Vegas).
    My wedding shoes <img class= Betsey Johnson pumps, found them for a great deal in Vegas a few years ago, little did I know they would end up fitting my wedding perfectly!" />
  • ffemt14 said:
    We decided on red and silver, but not the Christmas type red and silver :)
    We're also doing red and silver!
  • Light & Dark Purples
  • Those colors sound gorgeous! We are doing coral and gray with hints of gold :) 
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    Love all the colors, ladies! I surprised myself with how relatively plain and simple my 'wedding style' has turned out to be. It's all whites and creams- cream/ivory table linens, white and cream flowers (orchids for my bouquet, peonies for my MoH, and a mix of peonies, hydrangeas and roses for centerpieces), and my MoH is wearing a pale pewter, very neutral color. I love everything, but it's kind of funny because if you came to my house, you would see orange and purple walls and green furniture and be like, this is what happened when Punky Brewster grew up...
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  • We are doing Navy Blue, Chartreuse Green, White and Silver/Glitter accents! 
  • Oddly enough I thought I would find my wedding colors all over this post but I guess I am the only one.

    Gray and Yellow

    and I picked this before it was huge everywhere but I stuck with it because I have always loved it.

  • I am doing mint green, Ivory and Mercury Grey, but do whatever makes you happy. these are the days we have all dreamed about so do whatever makes your dreams come true.

  • I was going to do Navy and Pink for the longest time, but then my fiance mentioned how "dark" our pictures would look with the dark suits and that swayed me a bit to change my mind.  I still love the colors and don't think its about what season it, you can "summer up" any colors if you want.

    We...haha I say we, but I mean "I" decided on a soft petal pink, ivory, and grey.  I wanted a more soft, romantic feel.  I'm less than a month away now!  Super excited and super freaked out at the same time! :)
  • Our colors are Champagne and Lavender. Do what you want. All that matters is that YOU enjoy your day. :)
  • Our colours will be all vibrant, hot pink, tangerine, lemon yellow and a hint of lime! If you love the colours go for it, its your wedding, you can do what you like :)
  • We have the same wedding weekend!! :) My colors are black and white... :)
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  • Another bride using navy here :) It's actually going to be navy (for the vests/bowties for the groomsmen and my mom's dress) v, deep purple (MOG's dress, flowers), lavender (bridesmaids dresses and flowers), silver (for accents), and ivory (my dress, flower girl dresses, flowers and accents). It may not be the most "summery" colors, but I love it anyways!
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