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Have any of you ladies started or at least sought out any exact wedding plans? I myself have it all pretty much thought out with my venue and BM's dresses now all i need it time to pass lol...

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Re: Planning?

  • lol not even close. I live in the middle of nowhere, so finding a venue that is all-inclusive (I'd rather that than have to worry about 16 different things having to line up, decos, catering, etc.) has been challenging to say the least. I also am not sure what kind of budget I'm on since my fiance is in between jobs and hopefully will be working full-time next year, but until then I'm budget-less...

    Also, my sister is engaged as well, (5 days after I got engagead), but her wedding is coming first, so I'm not expecting anything from my parents, and as our date is so far off (I'm thinking August or September 2014), I know they're not taking it seriously yet (we've been together only 10 months, my sister and her FI have been together 3yrs and lived together for half of that already). I know that means nothing, but I guess it has a bigger impact on my parents.

    Sorry for the rambling!
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  • I've definitely been thinking about stuff, nonstop. FI and I have already attended a bridal show, and are looking at venues and what our price range is going to be, since that's where you need to start. I've also been looking at my color scheme options, as well as theme options. I thought I had my colors picked out, but I've recently discovered that I'm a really indecisive person, haha.
  • I've been planning- I ended up have much more free time at work than expected. Lots of time to google and read wonderful board like this! Still looking for the perfect venue though.
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