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Having such a hard time choosing songs :/

What were you all's songs for Bridal Party Entrance to ceremony and Bride Entrance? I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this.. but I am!!


Re: Having such a hard time choosing songs :/

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    Bridal Party-All is Said and Done-Beyonce & Marc Nelson
    Bride Entrance-Make me whole-Amel Larrieux

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    Struggling with this too I will be watching this thread. i want to walk in to J hudson Giving myself but FI wants his brother to play his sax and do instrumental for the songs that everyone walks too but I love the words to that song so IDK
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    Start going through love songs that you absolutely love and then songs that you feel are just for you and your honey.

    I haven't chosen songs yet, so I don't know what I am going to do.
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    I am walking in to Beethoven's Adagio Cantabile. I think i want the wedding party to walk in to Samuel Barber's Adiago for Strings.  I LOVE it. 
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    I was going through music last night and only came up with these so far...
    LAST song of the night @ reception ...Last Time--BEP
    BP entrance to reception (maybe) Light up the night BEP (and yes I LOVE BEP)
    FI wants me to walk into ceremony to I Do (Boyz II Men...thanks sweets18 lol)

    As for the rest, who knows, LOL! But everyone likes Make me Whole by Amel so I need to listen to it.
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    Bridal party is walking in to Make Me Whole (seems popular) and I'm walking in to Ribbon in the Sky
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    I am trying to hire a live saxophonist to play for the ceremony. Since I only have a MOH and BM in the wedding party, I am leaninng toward having the musician play "So Amazing" for the seating of my mom, grandmother, groom/BM and MOH entrance.  I think I want "For You" as my song. I am trying to think about songs that translate well to saxophone melodies.  I guess I can make final decisions when I see his song list. It may have other selections that I like.   
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    Boyz II Men  I do  such a beautiful song.   If you have not heard it check it out.  My FI and the pastor are walking into this song.  This is going to be the cue that the wedding is starting.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

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