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Venue failure update

Ok soooo here is an update....So I have been digging deep into the crevices of New Orleans and forgot all albout lil ol New Orleans East. The East is still kind of struggling due to Katrina but life is coming back to it. We have two appointments to see the places. Here are the logistics

1. The Regency Ballroom two options can hold up to 400 people
Rent for 3 hours with Security, full staff, NOPD, 1-2 Bartenders and provide your own food and liquor.
Rent for 4 hours with all of above for $4,000

An all inclusive package-tables, table linens, servers, staff, NOPD, bartenders, rum punch and wine cold drinks, and food. $35/person plus tax and gratuity.

2. Downman Banquet Facility can hold up to 200 people
Rent for $900 they provide bar space, bridal room, white wedding chairs white table linens and of course tables you can bring in your own food and liquor and they provide security

Or take the wedding package for 200 people add Rum Punch and House wine, cold drinks and champagne along with the servers and all of the mentioned above plus a 17 item menu that is served all for....wait for it wait for it $3,795....Me and Bae fell out laughing and was texting each other while we were on the phone with the owner of the facility. Only thing that made bae say lets go look at it was the fact that his Alpha Chapter from New Orleans had a function at the builiding and he knows it a nice place but that menu though...

help me out sisters please....I can't be having no gunshot azz reception

Re: Venue failure update

  • Without seeing pics or tasting food, option #1 seems better to me.

    #2 appears on the surface to be "perfect" but all of that for that price...I'm worried that you might sacrafice the quality you truly want on your wedding day.
    And option #1 all-inclusive of $35.00 per person is unbelievable!!!!!! OMG! I wish I was anywhere near $30 I say go for it! :))
  • Have you looked into the Crystal Magnolia Country club on Curran Blvd. I just attended a 50th year wedding there and the food and layout was very pretty. They have an outside pool with cocktail tables and inside ballroom as well.
  • Thanks everyone...I just checked the website for Crystal Magnolia Country Club and its members only...I will call to see what information they can give me. Thanks!

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