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Hello! I've been lurking around TK for a little while - ever since 2 roommates of mine in college were engaged and got married, but I haven't had any real reason to be a serious active member - just a few questions here and there like last week.  But, hey, I figure I can start now while I am 'waiting'! 
I'm from Omaha, NE, but I live in STL now.  I went to school in STL and that's where I met my current BF.  We've been together for almost 3 years (it will be 3 years on April Fool's Day!) and we have discussed marriage - I'm truthfully just waiting on the question now! :-)  We picked out the ring last March, but, both of us being recent college grads in a yucky economy has made the process a little slower - which is probably a good thing!  We've learned alot in just this past year, and I'm just getting anxious to get to plan the greatest day of our lives and move on with our future!
I currently substitute teach, and coach and teach dance in the area, but I'm looking for a fulltime teaching job, which I'm hoping will come my way this year!  He's working on breaking into the professional football thing, but working as much as he can at the moment!

Well, thanks if you read that long post! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself!
"Diversity is the key to life, without it we would be a mindless drone of a single colored spectrum."

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