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OK... so I have been trying to meet with a possible vendor for...MONTHS. I began emailing him in January, and we decided we would meet in the summer. Well, my summer vacation has come and gone and we still haven't met--despite my attempts. We are *supposed* to have a meeting tomorrow, but he hasn't confirmed. Here's how it went the last time:

*I e-mail him and request a meeting.
*We tentatively plan to meet at location A on day A and time A.
*He doesn't confirm.
*I call him the day of, and we decide to wait until August because he's booked with events. (Which is understandable. Ok. Fine. I'll be patient.)
*We planned to meet last Monday, he doesn't confirm. 
*I e-mail him the Friday or Saturday beforehand trying to get a confirmation.
*I get an e-mail Sunday saying his son is sick and he will have to stay home with him, however he's free Wednesday through Thursday.
*I tentatively plan to meet at location A on day B and time B.

How forgiving is...TOO forgiving??

FI and I talked and we think we're going to just go ahead and be at the location at the right time anyway, just in case he decided he didn't need to confirm even though I strictly said, "LET ME KNOW IF THIS WORKS FOR YOU." (A coffee date never hurt anyone anyway, right? hehe) But seriously? Do you WANT my money???

*angry face*
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