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how dod i do that?

i lost like 3 invitations...3!!! so now i have to order THREE pocketfolds, and make 3 more. and i know as soon as i place the order, ill find them. where did THREE go? FI likes to move things and not tell me and put them in the strangest places. so ill just blame him :)

Re: how dod i do that?

  • three.. such a random number....

    hey... question.. did you figure out the dj thing???  is it a yes or a no????
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  • The girl at wicked spoon said DJ's arent allowed, which is odd because they were going to let me rent AV eqiupment from their AV department, which included speakers and mic but was almost $600. im going to try to find a wireless docking station so we can place speakers around the room. the thought of one i pod speak irks me because it wont sound right.
  • that is disappointing... I know you REALLY were getting use to the idea of a dj....

    Well using the ipod station... you have enough time to get it full of all the music you want and maybe just have someone in charge of it.. you know.. so they know exactly what song and when to play it...
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