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Father/Daugher Dance songs??

Hi Ladies,
Believe it or not, I prepared that pesky "must-have" song list for the DJ and forgot all about the father/daughter dance. Luckily, my sister caught it after she viewed a copy of the list. So my question, what songs are you using as a father/daughter dance song??

Re: Father/Daugher Dance songs??

  • adgenyaadgenya member
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    We're using "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Our backups were "Isn't She Lovely" and "Butterfly Kisses". My sister-in-law used "I Loved Her First".
  • Lady RedrumLady Redrum member
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    My friend used 'My Girl' by the Temptations. I was planning to use a song that my dad used to dance with me to when i was really little. Is there anything that has special meaning for you and your dad? Your dad's favorite song? A song he used to sing to you?
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    I used "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder. 
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  • Vanessa AVanessa A member
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    Lady Redrum,
    I narrowed it down to Stevie Wonder's You are the Sunshine of my life, which I think he would love. But then there's also Tony Bennet's The Way you look tonight and Celine Dion's I'm your Angel, which I think is most appropriate but it runs over 5 mins long and I think we'll be a bit bored and uncomfy for that long. My younger sister made a point that she like the Stevie song and since I'm the first of three girls to get married, maybe it could be a tradition to use that @ all three weddings. If my older sister agrees (she's getting married in a little less than a yr I think, then i'll def go with the Stevie song, but I'll also talk it over with my Dad this weekend.

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    My first thought was a song off of chrisette michelle's first cd. The name escapes me at the moment. But then I was thinking maybe something older that he might appreciate more. Good question, I guess I should get to thinking only 179 days to go, sheesh.
  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    We are using "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I kinda want to use Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, b/c I love Stevie Wonder and because I feel like that's our song.  But my FI heard the Cinderella song and suggested and I e-mailed my dad a link to the song and he said that he preferred that song over the Stevie Wonder song.  Ksturgis, I think the song you are referring to is Your Joy by Chrisette Michelle.  I was going to use that song too, but I cry everytime I hear it, so I changed my mind.  But then again I cry when I hear the Cinderella song, so that's why I kinda want to go with Isn't She Lovely.
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    Well, we are supposed to be using "Your Joy" by Chrisette Michele.  However, lately, my dad has been changing his mind as to whether or not he wants to use it.
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  • Panda16Panda16 member
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    I haven't gotten this far yet but I was thinking of a sweet reggae song maybe from Bob Marley. But I was listening to "What A Wonderful World" and was tearing up so I'm open for any song.
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    Your Joy by Chrisette Michelle : )
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  • badbymyselfbadbymyself member
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    I am using Daddy by Beyonce, it embodies everything that my dad and I are and how I feel about my daddy!
  • winter443winter443 member
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    As of now it's Your Joy by Chrisette Michele
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    I'm using your joy by Chrissette Michelle!  It was a hard choice because I ABSOLUTELY love Beyonce and would have loved to use her song, but the Chrissette Michelle song is so much prettier!!
  • KooKoo4QuincyKooKoo4Quincy member
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    Ok you guys....(tearing up)!!!
    You all are so blessed to still have your fathers in your lives. My father passed away almost 10 years ago...and to this day (not b/c I'm getting married) I still cry and yearn for my father's attention, hugs, love and to hear his voice!! I don't have a father/daughter song to dance too. I don't want to share THAT moment with anyone else. I asked my uncle to walk me down the aisle but I am going to walk down the aisle with my son (he'll be 8 when we get married)!!

    You ladies have connected so well with each other and I just realized that all of you are getting married this year...this means I have to find another board to join :( I wish you all many blessings and please don't take any relationship for's always a lesson to be learned in the mist of it all!
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