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NWR: Job-related dilemma

So...I had an interview for a long term sub job at a high school in a district I really like. I also have a summer job which starts training in a few days. The problem is that if I'm offered the sub job, I would need to work two weeks in june which would mess up me being able to work my summer job. If I give advance notice of this possibility to my summer job, I'm afraid they will fire me so they have time to train a replacement and I could end up not getting the summer job, resulting in me having no job at all. If I let it ride and don't say anything though, I could end up fine if they don't offer me the job but if they did I would really be leaving the summer job in a bind. thoughts?
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Re: NWR: Job-related dilemma

  • I wouldn't say/do anything until you know for sure you got the second one.  If you say something and it has recourse and you don't get the second job then you can put yourself in a bind.
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