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Hi all! Please help! I am helping a friend wedding plan.  Her fiance is from Nigeria (Delta Niger) and she wants to have traditional reception food of the Delta Niger area.  Through web searches, she's decided on jollof rice, but we're lost as to what else would be customary to include.  Anyone know???

Thanks bunches!!!

Re: Nigerian Reception Menu

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    I am Nigerian and we served nigerian food at our traditional nigerian ceremony.

    Some staples I have heard of/seen are:
    - Moi Moi (its cooked ground bean...quite tasty with spices)
    - Fried plantains
    - Fried rice (made the nigerian way)
    - Meatpies (kinda like Jamaican beef patties) as appetizers or munchies
    - Chin chin (also a munchie)
    - Pounded yam with egusi (melon seed) soup
    - Fried chicken (made the nigerian way. As in its unbreaded)
    - Fried fish
    - Fried beef

    Hope that helps. Now I'm hungry :-).
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    Thanks Wheatney!
    That does help! :)

    ...and now I'm hungry too..
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    My FI is also Nigerian and Wheatney bascially gave you our menu. LOL!

    Except the moi moi, I tried and tired to like it but the texture is weird. Everything else is finger licking good. Make sure she has a tasting because some caters will try to make it and if you don't know what your doing it is not pretty.

    Edit: Forgot to say WELCOME!!!
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    Ditto everything Wheatney said, plus some others we're serving at our reception

    - puff puff (dough batter fried till it's golden brown). It's similar to a doughnut, but not quite as sweet...served as a munchie
    - sausage roll - just like the name implies. Also served as a munchie
    - Spicy stew (aka Ata Ayamase, I think?) - served with white rice as a main dish
    - Yam porridge
    - Ewa Agonyi - a bean dish that can also be served as a main entre

    Any authentic Nigerian caterer should know of the above dishes. Also, she can ask her FI what kind of dishes he likes. My FI is from Delta as well and loves all the above dishes, but then again he eats anything lol
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    I am Yoruba and the girls have pretty much described everything...I had SUYA at my also
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    Ditto previous posters as that is pretty much my entire menu.
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