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Hey ladies, I'm in a dilema.

I'm in the process of finalizing everything with my photographer. However, one thing is bothering me. He has several payment options. One which includes paying for everything upfront, another paying 50% now, and 50% a few weeks before the wedding and paying in 1/3rds. I will most likely be going with the last option. Paying in 3 options. However, it bothers me that he wants the last payment a few weeks before the wedding. I have heard HORROR stories about people who have paid their photogs in full before receiving their pictures and something went wrong (they didnt like the pictures, didnt receive them in time, went AWOL....etc). So i addressed him about it and he said he can't make the exception and they guarantee their customers satisfaction.

So i dont know what to do, but i really dont want to loose him because he does good work and his prices are completely within our budget.

What do i do? I need advice.

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  • tyboydtyboyd member
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    My photographer wanted final payment either 2 weeks before the wedding or 30 days. I don't remember which one. Does he have any reviews online?
  • happe2getherhappe2gether member
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    I know my photographer has some kind of policy like this too except his says final payment is due 5 days before the wedding. 

    But I agree with tyboyd - how do his reviews sound?  Does he seem shady otherwise?  What made you pick him (besides budget) over another photographer?  My photographer doesn't advertise as much as some do but I checked his references and I had a long talk with him when we had our appt.  Overall I had to trust my gut and I have a LONG way to go so I feel ya!  I say look him over once again with a fine tooth comb and go from there.

    Good luck!
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    Same as pp said most photographers ask for final payment before the wedding date. Check for reviews from other brides that have used him to see if they were happy with the final products they got.
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    My aunt actually recommended me to him. I've seen his work with her pictures and album. But havent really seen reviews online. He does have a website and all. I'm sure my aunt wouldnt steer me wrong but i'm just so leery when it comes to my finances and stuff like this.

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    We chose the 3 payment option and the last payment is due 30 days prior.
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  • wallacjewallacje member
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    Make sure you get everything in writing and then go with the option that works best for you.  Our final payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding as well.
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    So i guess its the norm for them to request payment a few weeks to a month before the wedding.

    Thank you for the input everyone. Wallacje, TRUST, i will have everything in writting.
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  • sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    Wow my photog wanted a $500 deposit and then i have to pay another payment 30 days before the wedding and then the remainder 30 days after I get the final product. I love this option because of the reasons you stated. He has great reviews and we really clicked but I still like not having to pay.
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