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What Candy are you using?

I am getting my candy this weekend from sam's and a few places online, and I wanted to know what  you ladies were using for your candy buffet. I want some older candy like boston baked beans i'm thinking but some new stuff too.

How many different types are you doing? i'm thinking 10 choices for 50 people? is that too many options?

Re: What Candy are you using?

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    msapril0730msapril0730 member
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    I originally planned to do my favorite candies but after looking at pictures online of candy buffets I decided to do candy in my wedding colors.

    Our buffet will have:
    black M&M's
    white M&M's
    red & Silver hersey kisses
    black, white, and red gumballs
    mini mr. goodbars & krackels wrapped in red and white paper (vday candy)
    hot tamales (my favorite candy)
    possibly white jelly beans?

    I thinks 10 choices would be fine as long as you don't have too much candy. If you have alot of candy then maybe provide bigger bags/boxes so you won't have alot of leftover candy.
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    sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    We are having Sour patch kids (my fav)
    Reese Cups
    Rock candy Suckers
    Gum Balls (Orange)
    Chocolate Covered Raisins or Peanuts

    Still undecided on everything else. Our colors are chocolate brown, Burnt Orange with Gold and red accents. I want it to stay in those colors but I want to make sure that we get things that we like and that people will eat. We bought 8 containers so far so we need at least 8 things but we might end up with more.
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    all the colors will be shades of pinks and reds..

    gummi bears
    ring pops
    hersey kisses
    jelly beans
    laffy taffys (because I love them and their jokes)
    licorice (watermelon, strawberry and cherry)
    tootise roll
    jolly ranchers

    I probably should pick some other chocolate but I don't know ...
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