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Ups and Downs

Things have happened that have depressed me and have uplifted me and frankly, I feel closer to you ladies than the ones on other boards so I am going to share with you.

Got an awesome deal on my videographer. 5 hours total coverage for wedding and ceremony with growing together and growing up montage as well as guests saying well wishes: regular price $1395 my price $500 after the videographer was late posting his Black Friday special and I told him how I wanted to see the details.

Received BEAUTIFUL pins from Star Trek the movie when we bought it on Blu-Ray at Best Buy. We went to the website to get another set but it wasn't up yet. Contacted the website directly and they are seeing about us getitng another set for our wedding!!!

I have people bidding to my feather bouquets and clear invitations. Now I just have to accept a bid. Two more things I won't have to worry about!

Downs: My son, my hubby-to-be and I are all sick. Booo!

We have to postpone our honeymoon because of the baby but it's OK because we are taking the kids with us and make it a family vacation. I thought my husband would mind but it was HIS idea! He stated we will still have our first vacation as husband and wife and we can share this accomplishment with our kids. He also thanked me for being able to live the American dream. He never thought he would have children. Also it will be cheaper since instead of June in the height of cruise season, we are going in December. Laughing

Re: Ups and Downs

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    Laughing for the good deal on videography and honeymoon choice.

    Fi is a bit under with his throat and coughing but what can you expect? You just stay strong and be healthy for that baby. Glad things are moving in a positive way.

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    In times like this, please remember the old gospel hymn:

    Be Not Dismayed Whatever Betide
    . . . God will take care of you.  God will take of you through every day, all the way. . . He will take of you.  God will take care of you.

    All will be well.
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    Great on the photographer and the pins. Sorry to hear that you guys are sick. Hope you feel better soon.
    Lovin Kimmie
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    you got an awesome deal with the videography and the Star Trek deal - SWEET!!!; I like your HM plans and think it's gonna be an awesome time for all of you...and I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well but hopefully you all recover quickly too. 

    Chocolate Delight said it best:  All will be well.  Smile
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    So happy that you got a great deal on the photographer and videographer. Also so sorry to here that the fam is sick! Get well soon and I hope you all have a great Familymoon!
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    Awesome deal on the Videographer!
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