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Looking for a Photographer?

Hi ladies!

I don't live in Oregon anymore but I am originally from Portland. My friend Becky is a photographer and her photo's are amazing. If anyone is looking for a photographer to photograph their wedding I would be happy to connect you to Becky. Here is her website if you'd like to check out her portfolio.


I love her work and I plan on using her on my big day!
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Re: Looking for a Photographer?

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    Yikes!  She totally looks amature...  Direct flash, bad angles, out of focus images.  You should tell her to practice until she's good.  Then you can pimp her out on the Knot. :)  Cheers!
  • edited December 2011
    I know everyone wants to cash on emotional events like weddings, but your friend isn't experienced enough hon! I take better pictures with my iphone!
  • irshis20irshis20 member
    edited December 2011
    You realize Seattle is in Washington, not Oregon, right? Seattle has many amazing photographers, so I'm not sure why someone would want to work with a photographer who lives all the way down in Portland.
  • MrsFreerksenMrsFreerksen member
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    I hate to agree with negativity, but your friend's photographs are 95% horrible. I myself am a photographer, and I'm pretty sure that my 4 year old son has gotten better shots with my camera than your friend has. People actually pay for those?

    If anyone is interested in seeing my portfolio, let me know. A good deal of it was lost while I was in Iraq, but I do still have some photos from 2009.

    [email protected]
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    Oh yeah - it's better for you to pimp yourself out.  Nice.  NOT!

    Give me a break...
  • jennlinjennlin member
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    i find this thread all sorts of hilarious....
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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