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NWR: Get off your "fancy" horse!...rant

So my in-laws are the most stuck up people I have met in my entire life. I swear that they really believe they must be royalty. You get that sense when you get into their car or walk into their house either place there is classical music playing. They drive a top of the line Mercades and they eat at the best of the best resturants. One reason I think they didn't take to me is because I am not the totally fancy type. For my family I am the fancy one, I like nice things and I like to do things the proper way, but with my in-laws apparently that isn't enough and I am no where near as fancy as them. They hate that I don't dress up to go shopping, I like to be confortable and wear jeans and a nice shirt. It's little things like that and they make it seem like they are so superior to others.

The new thing is the house. So they offered us the house and they are going to do all the major work which is cool with us. My FI and I decided we would do the painting. He told them today that we accept their deal and we want to do the painting. They immediately got all weird about the painting, apparently its tacky to do it yourself and they want to hire someone. I told my FI as long as they pay to hire the person then do it.
I think they don't understand that I do know how to properly paint a house. I grew up with a single mom and since there wasn't a man in the house we had to learn to do it all ourselves. We would go to the model homes and see what the new design trends were and we would do it in our own house. My FI has seen my house and knows it is not tacky and it looks like we hired people to do it when we did it all ourselves.

They drive  me crazy and really need to get over themselves, they are just normal everyday people they are not royality or celebrities. They are the only thing I am going to hate about Belgium.
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Re: NWR: Get off your "fancy" horse!...rant

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    Sorry that you're having to deal with a new problem.  I thought things were going well with the new in-law.  Well just continue praying for them.  That is the best advice I can give.  Some folks just dont feel okay until they can critisize another about every single little thing; making themselves appear better in their own eyes.

    Just "child boo bye" them and continue to do you and FI/DH.
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    I thought things were better between you guys as well! I know they are helping you guys out & you really appreciate it, but I would try not to let them assist in EVERY way. If you allow them to, they will turned down your ideas left & right and insist that things should be done their way all the time.You guys have your own family thing going on now & are fully capable of making decisions together without the in-laws sticking their 2 cents in.   

    BTW....did you get married already? You put FI, but I put hubby just now. Sorry if I'm getting you confused with someone
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