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Why why why???

Is it so difficult to get the names and addresses from our parents on who they want to invite? We have been waiting months to get the list, now I find out that they don't want to ask their friends for their addresses and they want to hand deliver the invitations.

Okay, fine by me. That saves me postage. But you are out your mind if you think I'm handing over 40 invitations without names for you to hand them out. All I need now is ONLY the names of your guests so I can put it on the invitation. Why haven't they given us that???

This weekend I am going to put my foot down and demand for the names. I'm sending out the STDs next week. WHY WHY WHY does it have to be a struggle to invite THEIR friends??

Okay, vent over....
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Re: Why why why???

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    Woo woo woo...It will be ok. I remember trying to get addresses from our parents. I was like WTF...How hard can it be???!!!

    *big hug** BREATHE!
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    Oh dear. I remember this part of the planning, was so annoyed with everyone.

    I finally had to say if you don't give me their names and addresses they will not be invited and leave it at that.

    Try and relax, everything will work out fine.
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    I know my dad will be difficult but my mom is on top of it. I reserved 5 spots for my dad and I am giving him 5 invitations (no plus ones, NOTHING).
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    You all are doing better than me. I invited 8 of my parent's friends.  That was 8 out of the 32 guests that I had for my portion of the guest list.  Even out of the 8, there were only 2 that I could have lived without. I would have invited the other 6 people because they have been a big part of my life for so long, initially through my parents and now with me as an adult.  Since they were people that I communicate with, I knew how to reach them directly if I didn't already have their mailing address. 

    They wanted to invite more people, but I didn't accommodate anyone else.  There was simply not space. 

    I asked my mom for addresses for wedding announcements, so we shall see how long it takes her to get that information back.....  
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    I struggled with this too. Both sides kept trying to add people. FMIL would ask me almost everyday if anyone dropped out so that she could add more people. If you and your FI are paying for the wedding they should abide by your rules. Good luck
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