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NWR: Testimony Tuesday

Well ladies I completely forgot to post this last week.  Sorry about that.  But if you have some great news to share with the group please feel free to post.

I know that as we go through this stage of transition the enemy will try to attack us.  I pray that God bless each and everyone of the ladies on this board.  As they work on the wedding Lord strengthen the relationship with their future husband.  As they feel overwhelmed let Your peace and joy comfort and direct them.  As they check off another item on their list Lord provide the finances to pay it off completely.  May a blessing rain down into their lives so much so  they will not have the room to contain it but must pass some on to another person in need.  I pray that the financial blessings that I have seen on this board continue to pass from sister to sister.  Lord I thank you in advance for the miracles that You still are performing today.  In His name.  Amen!

<3 u ladies!  Have a super, wonderful, marvelous, and blessed day!
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Re: NWR: Testimony Tuesday

  • LSASLSAS member
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    Just giving praises to him!!! No major changes but prayerfully waiting on God to bless my FI with a job :) He is getting depressed that he has not picked up anything yet, but I continue to encourage him and pray with him.

    I too am praying that the financial blessings continue to flow for all you ladies on the board!!! I am still praying for eacha and everyone of you!!! Keep the faith and stay blessed :)

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    Thank you for the beautiful prayer!  Grateful for all His wonderful blessings big and small!!
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  • Staceymp2010Staceymp2010 member
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    I really did need this today! Thank You So Much
  • sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    WOW this is fab thank you so much. I just wanted to share how awesome GOD has been to me. I had the most amazing day in a very long time and I am glad it happened on Testimony Tuesday. 

    I work in an office with all women and I have been here for over 6 years. I have some people that I really consider friends and some that I just look at as co-workers but putting all differences aside they put together an awesome bridal shower for me today. It was equipped with balloons, confetti, homemade cupcakes. homemade cakes, lunch and a mirage of gifts. I got a lovely binder of pictures of me at work with special messages about marriage. One of my volunteers hand crafted me a broom. She is white and she looked up black traditions and made me the most beautiful broom so now I want to add jumping the broom to my wedding schedule seriously it is so pretty. Another volunteer made me all these lovely pictures of flowers since he knows that is as close to nature as I wanna get LOL. Then the thing that took to the cake was the card that everyone in the offive contributed to, inside that card was $450!!!!!!!! Can you believer $450 from 20 people. I mean they really showed out. I also got a big jar of pickles, sour patch kids and chewy lemonheads. They gave me things they knew I would like and wanted to give me money to help with any last minute wedding details or to spend on my honeymoon. Tomorrow is my last day at work until October so I am going to go to work tomorrow with a smile on my face truly grateful for all that has been done for me. 

    Praise GOD for an extra $450! Every bit counts and he comes right when you need HIM! Passing the blessings on to the rest of my AAW ladies cause my GOD Is amazing!
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    Thank You Jesus !! I needed that! I wish you you the same Blessings that you speaking into our lives.
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    Ladies you have really blessed me.  I am glad that we can share our lives on here and be such an awesome support system.  God is really moving!  Stay positive ladies thank you all for helping me to stay obedient. 

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    I am so happy to hear about Shesheduke's great day!  Thank you for posting this djscat; I love this post!  I continue to say a little prayer for all my knottie sisters. Be blessed ladies!
    Until the first full year of being one! Anniversary
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