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Signing Ketubah DURING the Ceremony

We are having an interfaith (I'm Christian he is Jewish) ceremony officiated by both a Rabbi and a priest.  I know that it is traditional for the birde and groom to sign the Ketubah BEFORE the ceremony but we do not want to see each other until I walk down the aisle.  Because of this, we plan to sign the Ketubah during the ceremony. 

Currently we plan to sign the Ketubah during a "musical interlude" which will occur after the readings.  Does anyone have any experience with this and if so, where in your ceremony did you sign the Ketubah or have you seen it signed? 


Re: Signing Ketubah DURING the Ceremony

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    I've seen it done before once at a conservative Jewish wedding.. not interfaith. I can't remember where it went in the ceremony though. Sorry!

    Post this on the Jewish brides board to see if more girls have experience with it.
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    We signed ours during the ceremony.  Because we had a really small ceremony, we had all of the guests sign as witnesses.  You can check out our ceremony to see where in the service it happened.
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    we're doing this too. 

    we dont have major plans or choreography for it..... but it shouldnt take so long that people will fall asleep, leave the room, etc. 

    i think it will be fine as long as the rabbi/priest explain what is going on. 

    after we (and our 2 witnesses) sign, the rabbi will read the (english) text out loud to the everyone.
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    Summer - that is a great idea! FI and I have been struggling with where (how?) to fit the ketubah signing into the ceremony because we did not want to see each other before hand. I think that during a musical interlude will work so well - plus, how long does the signing take - 2 minutes!?

    Where did you all get your ketubahs from?
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