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I'm using my dupatta as a veil.  How do I get it to stay like the picture without it falling off my head?  I will not be wrapping the dupatta around my body, it will only serve as a veil.

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    I would venture to say that you'll need to use quite a few bobby pins and even safety pins. The bobby pins would help to secure it to the hair and the safety pins strategically placed so that it secures to your blouse and doesn't succumb to gravity pulling it down.  Is your dupatta heavy? I guess the heavier it is, the more pins you will need to use.

    Are you going to have a hair trial? Can you do a trial run with the veil, too?
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    Thanks for replying Rangoli.  I already did my hair trial and used a faux dupatta.  My real dupatta was wrapped up really nicely and Fi was around, and I didn't want to risk him seeing it.  Unfortunately, the faux was extremely lightweight, so it was easy to put on,  I don't konw how bobby pins and safety pins would help, but then again I'm not very hair savy.  Veils have combs in it to stay on your hair.  Is ther any such thing or trick to keep the dupatta in your hair?  Would you recommend sewing in a comb?
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    I wore a mantilla, which is shaped like a dupatta, and it did attach with a comb.

    The thing you have to keep in mind with the comb is that if you are planning to remove the dupatta for the reception you have to get the comb out of your hair, which may effect which hairstyles you can wear.
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