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How much is your DJ?

Hi everyone,We're working on getting quotes from Indian DJs and some are coming in around $2400...this seems high to me.  So I thought I'd ask you guys to get an idea of average pricing.Can you please tell me how much your DJ is charging you, and what's included in that cost(i.e. ceremony music, baraat, reception, etc.)?Thanks in advance!Tina

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    This is a few months old, but I thought I'd add for information's sake.  I just booked our DJ for next year.  We're in NJ, he wants about $3700 for the whole day, lighting, custom gobo, and 2 screens.  Can I say that this is $1500 less than what the DJ highly recommended by my FI's family wanted and almost half of what our friends paid for one of the "top" DJs in this area?  We also need a microphone, some speakers, and 4 flood lights for our engagement party (no dancing), and our hotel wants to charge us $700 for it.  Our DJ is willing to do bring all this to the engagement party and MC and play background music for $400 and we immediately said "DEAL!" 
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    gryffindor -
    would you mind sharing the name of your DJ?
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    In the southwest, Arizona namely, we got our Indian DJ for $800, which included a Dhol (drummer) for the Baraat (entrance for the groom and family for wedding), MC, and Cocktail Hour Instrumental Music, brought own equipment, and speakers, and set it up, with no hazards to guests (wires were taped down etc), First dance, strobe lights, and was able to play both Guyanese, Hindi, and American music.  This was for his set up and take down fee as well :-) Super happy, and still friends today :-)

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    As a recent ex-bride myself and currently running a Indian DJ company out of New York, I have noticed that many deejays tend to ask 2 main questions.. 1. what venue will your wedding be held, & 2. how many guests do you expect. When I was shopping around for my own wedding I felt like they were perhaps trying to read me and "gues-timate" how much I'm willing to pay based on the reputation of my banquet hall and how big my wedding is going to be. It is one of the main reasons why when I started working for The Dhol Xperience I put up our prices and packages upfront on the website to make our brides feel more at ease, and realize that we treat each and every customer the same and they are not indeed getting ripped off.

    As far as how much should a DJ company charges all depends on exactly what services you'd like to book and how much time and effort is being put in for the day to run smoothly. To be quit honest, each DJ has different expenses based on if they own their own equipment or have to rent (especially lighting equipment), if it is a busy high demand weekend (such as Memorial-day, 4th of July, Labor-day) and helpers will cost more, if they're investing into any extras such as a dry ice fog machine, confetti, CD party favors, etc...

    Also in general the more experienced the deejay is, the more he will probably charge for his expertise in mixing in music properly, coming to the venue to give you a demo, putting an itinerary together and discussing all the music selections for the entrance, cake, first dance, etc... After going through my own wedding process I came to realize that a DJ does a lot more then just come and perform for the 5 hours at the reception, and it is probably the only vendor who is requied to work live and expected to react so quickly to spontaneous moments. Experience is a ver key thing when hiring entertainment for your wedding, because it can either make or break the night. DJs are usually are the ones who are least paid from all the wedding vendors, however probably the only ones who provide such a variety of things from music, to live dhol, to lighting, to event planning. No matter what your budget is do make sure you have a good understanding with your deejay, you feel comfortable speaking to him, and he works with a passion for music because all of these qualties will definetly show on the day of!

    If you're looking for a reasonably priced DJ who will take your even very personally do take a moment to visit our website - or call me (Jassi) at 516.417.4503

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    kpwedkk .... where did you get your guyanese music from ... did your dj already have it ...... i'm having problems getting my dj guyanese music
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