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does anybody else have no idea how many people they invited to their wedding?at least half of FMIL's list includes "& family" ... and of course we have no idea who these people are or how many family members they have.  we also sent a bunch of invitations to an aunt in india for her to mail to the family there ... so of course we have no idea how many people are on those invitations because we haven't even seen the names or addresses.Maybe I'm an idiot but I'm fine with it, figure there's no point in freaking out until we start getting RSVPs, I'm just entertained.  I think the brides planning non SA weddings should occassionally read this board to get some laughs! 

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    Well it's good that it's not upsetting you :-)  I have no idea how many courtesy invites went to India haha.  Between my mom and MIL, we probably had about 50 international courtesy invites.  Thankfully none of them actually came.  So, definintely no need to worry! 
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    I was right there with you about a month ago, Katie.  Unfortunately, it kinda disturbed me because I had a friend warn me that they might actually show up!  Luckily they all RSVP'd no (wow, I feel kinda bad saying that, but it would have been frightening to have 277 people in a 150 person venue.  eek!)
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    ok, that's good to hear, thanks!  counting on the nos!  I told a non-SA friend yesterday and she asked if she should go to McD's before the wedding because there won't be enough food.  ha ha  jerk!   ;)
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    HAHAHA I have no idea as well because we are all around asian/SA! but I want to keep it under 100 (Its easier since all of my family is abroad except one and the rest are family friends) my mom said to set aside 20 as courtesy invites and 80 for both sides then she was like "maybe we should send them last minute... I don't want them to think its a plane ticket to America!" Oh yeah SA weddings NEVER run out of food!!!
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