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Appropriate attire to Hindu wedding?

Hello! DH and I have been invited to a Grahshanti Ceremony, the Raas-Garba and the wedding ceremony. What is appropriate attire to each? Any colors I should avoid? What about wearing a sleeveless or stapless dress? One last question, any good websites that explain the various ceremonies? Thank you!

Re: Appropriate attire to Hindu wedding?

  • Meghana55Meghana55
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    The one thing that I told my non-Indian friends who asked me what they should wear was - Don't be afraid of color!  I told them that everyone would be wearing every color imaginable.  The only real color restrictions are typically placed on the bride (some regions can't wear white, some can't wear black, some can't wear either).  But as a guest, any color is appropriate.  Also, our families wouldn't have batted an eye to anyone wearing strapless/sleeveless, but if you're friend's family is more conservative, then it might be a good idea to bring a shawl or cardigan.  I'm not sure what a Grahshanti ceremony is, but since they're having a Garba, I'm assuming they're Gujarati.  One of the Guju girls may be able to shed some light.  But cocktail dresses would be appropriate for a Garba and a reception.  A dress for the ceremony is fine, however you could also get away with dress pants and a nice top.
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    Grahshanti and Garbas are more of a Gujarati thing.  Both are religious events so you want to avoid wearing anything too revealing.  Different communities have different norms.  In mine, we wouldn't wear anything strapless to either because one is supposed to cover their shoulders during a religious ceremony.  Then again, I come from a really conservative community.  We also wouldn't wear black during any of the wedding events but this is also a norm that has changed, especially in India.The grahshanti ceremony is a prayer ceremony to bring peace and happiness in the house.  It's often the first ceremony amongst the pre-wedding ceremonies, usually combined with the mandap mahurat ( a prayer to Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles).  As a guest, you will probably be socializing and eating.  Most of the activity is done by the bride/groom and their parents.The garba is a communal clap-based dance, often done in a large circle. The raas which is often combined with the garba is a stick (think drum sticks) dance where you hit your partner's sticks as well as your own.  You might not want to wear a short dress to this if you plan on dancing.  I would suggest either a long dress or a long skirt and top.   For the wedding ceremony and reception, you can really wear anything but again, I would suggest avoiding black.  As Meghana said above be open to wearing color because everyone else will be!Here's a website with some details as to Gujarati wedding traditions:  http://www.indianweddingsite.com/traditions/traditions_article.php?articleID=Gujarati_Wedding_TraditionsHope this is helpful!
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    Grahshanti - something you'd wear to church, something more simple, basic, sleeveless is fine, you may end up sitting on the floor.  no black. Raas-Garba - flowy colorful fun dress! i'd avoid strapless dresses here too.  and nothing that shows your ladies (a friend of mine came wearing a very revealing dress and it was a little...uncomfortable). wedding - i think strapless is fine here.  whatever you'd wear to an american ceremony should work fine here.   avoid black if you can, but i dont think anyone would call you out if you wore it.  more than it being taboo, it's just not as fun when you see how dynamic these events are! have fun!
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    Thank you so much, ladies! I'm so excited about this wedding! Andie
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    I just wore a nice pair of COMFORTABLE denim jeans and my brand new Terminator: Salvation T-shirt. No one really minded. Though, I'm a dude and was part of the family, so I am not sure what the different levels of forgiveness are when it comes to the closeness of the guest in consideration when it comes to what their relationship is with the bride and groom. DON'T BE AFRAID! These occasions go by so fast and there are filled with so much 'merriment' that most people don't even remember what THEY THEMSELVES were wearing during the event. Go with a decent pair of denim jeans and either a Dark Knight T-shirt or a Terminator: Salvation T-shirt. You will be a total hit with the groom's side of the family. Regards, Kratos
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