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Mens Sherwani Suite Price

What is the average price for a men's wedding sherwani suit?  I'm trying to figure out if the deals on ExclusiverlyIn are worth it.

Re: Mens Sherwani Suite Price

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    I got mine from India for $200 (US Dollars) at Seemathi. It was more on the low end at that, but FI is shorter so I guess less material with a lower price. Most of the others didn't go above $500 though. We are talking about going to the source.
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    I got Fiance's sherwani, including matching pagri (turban), jhoothe (shoes) and stole for just over $300 in Delhi after some decent bargaining. This price included alterations to add some more embroidery and customize for fitting.   I saw the ones listed on and they appear expensive in comparison to india costs - however, if you can't go to india, then they or another online resource may be your best bet. We also looked at the sherwanis on utsav before we went to india. 
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    I think that the prices for the non-over-the-top sherwanis on the site are decent if you're not going to India to shop. The 350 - 500 range seems a little more reasonable then the ones at the top of the page, but then again those aren't my nor my husband's style...
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