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South Asian Weddings

Going to India in 10 days!!

I'm going to India in 10 days to do my wedding shopping!  I'm excited and stressed out a bit.  I'll be bringing back my outfits, invitiations, and the ceremony supplies.  

Anyone have any suggestions on what else to bring back or any other tips as I only have 10 days there?


Re: Going to India in 10 days!!

  • Where in India will you be traveling?
    I say do your shopping the first thing when you get there.
    If you get those done then when you need to do alterations or sewing you don't have to worry about it not getting done in time.

    I had my design of invitation done before I left and then just ordered it. It took them about a weeks so do that first too. Also being flexible is important too. You can have an idea of what you want, but don't get too disappointed if it's not exactly what you wanted.

    Don't let them upsell you! Always as for a discount or haggle. Trust me it's expected.
  • Exciting! I've still not been so I have no suggestions, but have fun!
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  • Gifts for whoever needs gifts (FILs, WP, outstanding helpers, etc.).

    Accessories (okay, Indian shoes kill my feet, but besides jewellery you might want bindis, handbags, hair things, etc.).
  • I just came back from Pakistan - here's what I got:
    • Main wedding dresses
    • Formal outfits for parties
    • Clothes to give as presents to inlaws and a few of my friends
    • Some jewellery - there are some really gorgeous hair pieces available these days ... I'm sure they have them in India too
    • Clutches
    • Invites
    • Favours (got this from the same place I ordered my invitations) 
    • Some traditional packaged treats (sweet) to stuff my favours with - not sure exactly what's in there besides fennel seeds
    • Decor for my mehndi/sangeet - not sure if you're having this

    Ummm I think that's about it!

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  • Hi,
    So I just came back from India a week ago and spend 2 weeks in India.  I went shopping in Mumbia.  I'm assuming you will be shopping where you have family. Firt thing, get your outfits done the first two days or so, because getting clothes fitted might take longer.  When I left, I still did not get my sari blouse which will come later by mail. It definately helps if you use the store where you buy from has their own tailor, you can might be able to convince them to do it  asap.  If not, use your family's personal tailor.  Be prepared to give them extra and they might actually rush and get you what you need in the time.

    Keep in touch with your family as far as what you want to buy.  They should have list of places for stores, jewerly, shoe, etc and that really helps with bargaining.

    Have a copy of what you want your wedding invitation to be like and written out?  If time permits, do all your revision at the the place itself not waiting for copy at your house and going back and forth.  If helps if you take samples so they know exactly what you want. 

    Make a list of people that you have to buy things for ie. in-laws, aunts, uncles, etc and make a list of what you want to give them.  We made the mistake of not writing down how many sareers we bought from different stores to give to the in laws.  We thought we bought a few extras, turns out we were two short.

    If you have performers in the family, little ones if you want to buy them something for participating in the wedding.

    At the mehndi, if you want to give a gift per family or all the girls.

    Return gifts

    Decorations for the house and garba.

    Wedding ceremony stuff (my maharaj gave us a list)

    We bought extra food (snacks) that could be friend and things we could serve during the festivities.  My family was very big on rose drink (sweet drink mixed with milk) and organge drink called Tang.  So during mehnid and two days prior we will serve that to family so its different that regualr pop and juice.

    Purses were cheap there buy a few.  I bought shoes too.  Any accessories, jewerly, bindis, hair stuff.

    Don't hesistae on buying, if you like it buy it since you will not have time to go back.

    Good luck and have fun!!
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