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I don't know about you ladies but im SUPER excited for Halloween! lol
Are you dressing up? If so, what are you going to be? or what do you have in mind???


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    Of course we're dressing up. Dressing up is half the fun!

    Kidlet is going to be a knight on a horse. I try to integrate his wheelchair into his costume; last year he was a pirate with a ship. I plan to be a medieval wench to go with it - mostly because we have no money to buy costumes, lol. No idea yet what FI wants to be. He doesn't usually think any farther than a week or so out for most things - and that's a stretch, even! (You can imagine how frustrating it is to get him to cooperate with wedding planning at all...)
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    Haven't decided but I want to do something. We should all post pics post halloween!

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    In Response to Re: NWR- HALLOWEEN!:
    [QUOTE]Trueleo- I am sooo ready for Halloween, this summer felt like the longest.. can't wait for some fall festivities ;) HisBeloved- Aww, looking forward to the pictures post the party I am totally considering Avatar Neytiri for this year....
    Posted by BellsnRings[/QUOTE]

    I hearr yaa! I think you'd be perfect for that costume. you look pretty tall and you're definitely skinny. GO FOR IT!!! i saw the costume and passed cause im short. lol
    let us know what you choose!!

    I'm thinking about making my own toga costume. yay or nay?
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