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Help with event names!

Hi ladies!  I was hoping to get some suggestions for how to name our ceremony events.  Here is the situation:  We had originally decided that we were not going to serve lunch and that the ceremony would start later in the afternoon.  However, my mom thought about it and decided it "doesn't look good" not to serve food, so now we are going to serve appetizers (idli, sambar, samosas, etc.- food that is filling enough for lunch but not a sit-down meal).  We were originally going to have the baraat, then the appetizers (which we were not going to mention on the invitations) and then start the ceremony.  Well FML called yesterday and said that FI's side is having a puja the morning of the wedding and they will be serving lunch already to their guests so they want to move the time of the baraat later so that they have enough time for their event and not to worry about appetizers for their side.  This is fine with my mom since now we only have to worry about food for our side of the family.  However, now the appetizers/food has to take place before the baraat for our side and we don't know how to write this on the invitation.  We want everyone from our side to come to make sure they get food, but since we are not actually serving lunch, we can't write "lunch" before the ceremony and it seems strange to write "appetizers", esp because we are not serving cocktails.  The area where we will be serving the food will be right where the ceremony will take place- there will be a few tables on the side where the food will be laid out and guest can help themselves.  We just want to make sure they know to come early and get food, without it looking cheesy on the invitation.  Any ideas?

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    Maybe "hors d'oeuvres or snacks" before the baraat. It means appetizers, but it's not enough to justify lunch or a full meal. 

    How will the area be cleaned up before the baraat arrives? Will this be done by the caterers, some aunties, or by the hotel or banquet staff?

    Also where are these guests that are eating going to sit? Or is this standing room only? What about plates, and drinks as well?  Has this been thought out?

    I got into trouble with the "It doesn't look good" bit and we gave our guests a lunch following the wedding, and a reception dinner, full of cocktails and all.  We made sure to find hotels for our guests - they booked their accomodations on their own - that had full continental breakfast, so that we didn't have to provide breakfast, or snacks ahead of time.

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    what about "A light meal"...
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    "Light refreshments and snacks"?
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    I would go with what KP said:

    "hors d'oeuvres or snacks"

    Even if your food is heavier it will be fine... plus if you are not seating the guests than this wording is most appropriate.  Meal usually means they'll be sitting and eating.

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    Thank you ladies!  I am leaving for India tomorrow and will use your ideas for the invitations.  I like them all so I will discuss with my mom.  I appreciate all the advice!
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