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Need help: BP Reception Entrance song

hi ladies,

i'm old knottie back again for some help.  i'm part of my friend's bridal party and we're trying to come up with a song to have the groomsmen/bridesmaids come out to at the reception.  Any ideas for something different that you've heard at a reception??

Thanks in advance for any ideas!!

Re: Need help: BP Reception Entrance song

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    Have you checked out the Maharani Weddings site? They have a list of songs that you can browse and listen to:

    Or do you want something other than desi music?
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    Welcome back!

    The classy entrance songs are normally instrumental versions to songs that you've heard before :)  I've heard a lot of them, ranging from upbeat jazz, to alternative music, and even bhangra!

    With 10-20 seconds tops per pair on the walk in, you could have a remix, new song, oldies, or a compilation :-)

    Upbeat Songs:
     -- Mauja Hi Mauja (Jab We Met)
     -- Aaj Ki Raat (Don)
     -- Anything by Bally Sagoo - has a lot of remix tracks

    Slow Songs:
    - Instrumental version of Kwaaja Mere Kwaaja (Jodha Akbar)
    - Pehli Nazar Mein (Race) - By Atif Aslam

    That's all I can think of right now...

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    thanks Ladies!
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    if youre trying to get a little comical with your entrance like i've seen some people do, maybe think of something like Love me Love me from wanted :) otherwise like someone said mauja hi mauja is a great idea!
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