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Medieval Themed Wedding :)

So, my wedding isn't until 8-31-2013. It's going to be at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Orlando, Florida (if you haven't heard of it, it's because there are only 9 of them in the US so far). I'm doing my research early on, because it's not like you can walk into a Davids Bridal and expect to find a dress for myself or my bridesmaids with my theme.

I've come up with a dress design based on a few dresses I've seen online and putting what I like best about them together. I'm not sure if you guys are interested in seeing my idea about my dress... The woman who I've contacted would like to add it to her portfolio after she's done making it so that made me feel good :)

ANYWAY, I'm stuck on wether I should have my FI wear a suit or go with the theme for the guys too. He said it really depends on if he likes the outfit or not. Understandable! I've been looking online and found a few great ideas, but he's worried he will look silly because he wears a 40" pant. But with his height, I really don't think he looks bad at all. I keep telling him I love him no matter what pant size he is!

Also, my 2 hour reception (it is actually before the dinner and tournament if I understood the email from the event coordinator). So what I'm wondering is if I should bring a few snacks for everyone to eat during this time? They're going to be getting a lot of food to eat during the dinner. I figure I could have my mom and grandma make up a few light things to stave off hunger and make them both happy to help out with my day.

I'm not sure if I should get favors or not for my guests since they'll all be leaving with stuff from Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. I was thinking that since we're having a group photo taken as part of the package, I could make sure everyone leaves with a copy and that could be a favor from me?

Re: Medieval Themed Wedding :)

  • Sorry this is so long... I hope a few of you can give me some ideas!
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    Yay! Another Medieval bride!  Welcome Welcome Welcome

    I don't think it would hurt to have some snacks during that time, I've never heard anyone complain that food was provided when they weren't hungry.  Nothing there when they are hungry though? That can cause problems.

    A picture favor is a cute idea, I think you're fine to stick with that unless something else you think is totally perfect jumps up. 

    As for your FI's outfit, I think it depends on what he's comfortable with.  If he doesn't want to go full medieval, he could always add period touches to a regular suit, like say, a hat, belt, or necklace. 

    Also, I would totally love to see your dress inspiration! How long did it take you to find someone to make it?
  • I too have a medieval inclined wedding theme and I've got a medieval times with in the half hour drive from me in Maryland. I love that place. Neat idea having it there with dinner and a joust just after you get married! like a true medieval wedding and coronation of a royal couple.

    As for the FI  Gabriaelle is right - it's what he's comfortable with. But I'll tell you that he might feel a little uncomfortable if he's in modern gear in the atmosphere of the medieval times. There are many different time periods and counties which over the years of the dark ages and renaissance have a wide variety of options for him. If noble isn't his thing - you could always try something more merchant or even victorian in look. Even steampunk style has shown that medieval garb can be tranformed into something a little more modern with a ye olde twist. Best of luck!

    and I'd love to see your dress inspiration as well. I am having too many options delima for my gown. lol

    Medieval Romance of a Wolf and a Dragon
  • It's a whole Renaissance party in here :)   Actually.... we would need more beer for that to be true (haha)

    What kind of stuff are you planning Miradeirdre? Full on Medieval, or just a few touches? (I'm always looking for ideas to steal)
  • I told my FI that he's more than welcome looking online further down the road for something to wear to our wedding. I was looking online at a website that makes BEAUTIFUL corset gowns in the UK and considered buying from them despite the high prices. But, they won't take on clients that can't fly to the UK for in-person fittings. So, I looked on the page they have to personally recommend different seamstresses here in the US and went with This is the UK website that I got a lot of my inspiration from. The peacock dress in particular caught my eye. I love the full skirt and indigo color. My FI says that for my dress, the only requirement he has it that my boobs aren't spilling out of the corset. (which is fine, because I'm not like that anyway) I'm having the corset fully cover my chest and it'll have sleeves. This website shows the sleeve style I want - only they won't be so long. And, finally, this last website shows a dress with beautiful detailing on the top half of the dress. Mine will be similar with a few beads to add sparkle and lace. My dress will either be a rich purple or indigo. Purple just so happens to be my FI's favorite color so either way we'd both be very happy :) Let me know what you think!
  • Wow, those are all lovely dresses!  I love prettily colored wedding dresses, but I think my mom would cry, so I'm sticking with white. 

    The boob thing made me laugh because that's one of my FI's favorite things about the Renaissance inspiration.  Not that I'm going over the top or anything, but I'm having all my bridesmaids wear low, square cut necklines, because they're very Tudor (the specific facet of Medieval we're using)

    This is my dress inspiration, I just found it in a google search.  One of these days I'll have to scan my actual design in, I've been too lazy so far, it has touches of colors and beads.  I also want the billowy sleeves to be removable so I'm not netting people while dancing at the reception. 

    What are your plans for flowers? That's one area where I'm kind of at a loss. The only thing I'm sure of is the inclusion of a lot of pheasant feathers. 
  • First of all, what an awesome place to have a wedding! I've always wanted to go there when we've been in the area but haven't had the time.

    Personally, I'd ask the boys to dress in theme but if your fiance doesn't really want to I wouldn't sweat it (lesson 101 of being a calm bride, lol). 

    I would probably provide some light snacks (who doesn't love snacks?) and I think the picture idea is great!! Easy and fun favor! 

    Your dress plans sound gorgeous! Can't wait to read more about your wedding!

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  • Gabrielle76, I'm still trying to decide what dresses to do for my bridesmaids. I have a great idea, but I worry that my friends might feel exposed. Lmao! But the dresses are great. I LOVE your wedding dress idea! I think ive seen that picture before actually... Unlike my FI, I'm not at all a dancer, so I'm worried about what I'll be doing during the reception. Maybe I'll just move about the room and socialize with our guests :) I like the idea of feather being in a bouquet. They also put wheat in bouquets too, so I might have a few in mine. I have a bouquet saved on my page. I looked at the first 400 on this site and that was the only one I really loved. And thank you FaithCaitlin! I'm glad you guys like my ideas :)
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    Now I'm curious what you're bridesmaids idea is!  You've probably seen the pic before, it's one of the first that comes up when you google 'medieval wedding dress'

    I wouldn't worry about not wanting to dance, I think most brides spend a lot of time talking to guests, so that can be your focus if you aren't into dancing.  I like the idea of wheat in the bouquets, and I'm going to check out the one you have saved (I steal ideas shamelessly)

    'Are you using any colors specifically, or are you focusing on the theme?

    Edit: I just looked at your bouquet, so pretty!
  • Well, originally I had planned on blue and purple being our main colors, but now I'm not too worried about it. I don't really like the idea of there only being a lot of one color, you know? I'm glad you like my saved bouquet :) Here's the link for my bridesmaid dresses. They're slightly more expensive than what I was hoping for, but the girls have plenty of time to save up. That, and I was thinking I could pay/help pay for getting their hair done professionally for my wedding if they want to be pampered as a thank you from me.
  • Those dresses are so pretty! I don't think they're too revealing, but I love low necklines. 

    I think you're smart not to worry about colors too much.  I have colors I'm keeping in mind, and am using for the bridesmaids dresses, but I think i'm going for more of a general look than a specific color.  Do you have venue pictures? I'm nosey :)
  • I don't really have any venues yet. I haven't looked much to be honest :P Not outside of cakes anyway. I was considering using a photography major at a local college to take our pictures. Well, if they're good enough. I have a good idea about my cake design and where I'll go to have it made. I'm going with a sandcastle cake. Woo! I was thinking of having the baker make a sample for my FI and I to try of red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the crumb layer. My FI's never had red velvet and I'm pretty darn sure he'll like it. If not, vanilla would be fine since I know he likes that for certain.
  • I've heard good things from people who have hired photography students, as long as you give them a shot list.  We haven't put in too much thought about the cake yet, I kind of wanted a croquembouche, but my fam really didn't like that idea. 
  • It looks it could be a fun idea :) I know I like cream puffs!
  • Wouldn't it be cute? I made one for FI and I's Christmas party this year, and garnished it with Figs and Walnuts, it thought it would fit into the aesthetic really well, but I also love making big fancy cakes (tiers, fondant flowers, sugar sculptures, the whole nine yards) so I kind of want something that I couldn't do myself.  Any thoughts?
  • Just an FYI:
    I am 99% sure that you will have to have MT do any apps or hors d'ouvres for your wedding. Risk of serving tainted food falls on them. But maybe Florida restaurant laws are different. They do allow for outside cakes.  I've had some really good apps that they do for company Christmas parties and whatnot. They have even sectioned off a private area before the show starts.
    You could do the cheering flags for your guests, those are always fun for during the show and they make a great souvenir/favor

    You could have the guys wear something like this:
    [CLICK]  or [CLICK]
    If you have a ren faire by you, you can pick up these items there, sometime bater down the price. Otherwise, Ebay and Etsy are great for getting costumes.

  • Hmm. My only suggestion would be to stay away from fondant for your wedding. I know it can make cakes looks beautiful, but trust me when I say that your guests won't like it. I worked for a caterer on and off - and at the many many wedding receptions I served slices of fondant wedding cake, I'd have to save that a very small handful of the guests ate the fondant. The rest just went "eww" and ate only the cake. It's such a waste of money in my opinion.
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    Thank you for the heads up LilMissScareAll. I had a feeling I would have to use them for the appetizers. That's fine with me! Their food IS surprisingly very tasty. I'll have to get in touch with my wedding coordinator later this year about that. Also, I showed my FI the 2 different outfits you recommended and he likes the first one that's just if the vest and shirt :) So thank you again! We'll have to save that one as a possible outfit!
  • Yeah, fondant does taste gross.  I've described it to people as tasting like 'sugar play dough'.  My method is to put a HUGE layer of buttercream frosting (literally like 3/4 of an inch) on the cake, then the fondant.  I'll probably still use it, along with a big layer of buttercream, because the cake is the one area where I'm ok with wasting money! I have more budgeted for the cake than my dress. (I know, I'm crazy) 
  • Ohh I see I see. So you'll be using fondant, but your guests still get frosting by taking the nasty layer off :P Nice!
  • Yeah, that's what I've found works well in the past!
  • Sweeet for ren weddings! I myself am looking into having a lightly themed wedding (my FI is not really into it at all, so i'm keeping it light). As far as getting custom corsetry or dresses, I would check out Renaissance Magazine's Directory listing, it lists artisans, performers and costume shops with their contact information (and also by state!). Most renaissance artisans would be more than happy to make something custom for you or your wedding party to your exact specifications, and that way you can be there to pick out colors and such. The Directory is a great way to find local people who would be happy to work with you, including cusom jewelry, dresses, flowers, and there are even performers listed in there (dance troupes, swordfighting, jousting, the works!)
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    My wedding being Medieval themed has three colors. A deep Purple (My FI's Fave Color) with an accent of Green (purple and green being my fave color combo) with hints of blue (My Fav Color). It seems quite a few of us like purple. :) The FI wants to wear his irish kilt and I have a friend seamstress to make my dress for me when I actually pick what I want. Stuck between Morsesca's new styled Mega Dress or a slinky dress similar to the two dark dresses worn by the mother confessor in Legend of the Seeker. Although I may just give my friend creative rites and be done with it. I trust her judgement to make me look fabulous.

    As to bridesmaids and grooms, most if not every person has garb so I'm letting them wear what they want. Old garb,new garb, borrowed from my collection or no garb, perferably with the color and theme in mind but is open to creativity (and easy on my and their wallets). This is also true for our guests - dressing up is encouraged but I want people to be comfortable. As the wedding is a fall outdoor wedding.

    Funny thing is - all that above was decided that day of the engagement. Bren and I also have our wedding glasses picked out that day too. We were at the MD renn fest at the time so shopping and brainstorming were as easy as looking around. :)
    Medieval Romance of a Wolf and a Dragon
  • OMG My mom thought for the longest time that I was....welll ....strange  because I wanted a medieval style wedding now i can show her i am not alone and not strange! 

    I believe we all have been running into some problems since our theme is so offbeat. I have found several websites to help you in your search for inspiration, and there is  also a dress availible at davids bridal  it may not have the beautiful sleaves but sleves can be hemmed on if you get the right person to do it. 
    Your bridesmaid gowns are beautiful! if i didn't have such a conservitave family i would choose that for my bridesmaids as well. I  Also found these bridesmaid dresses for inspiration.
      and finally the websites i go to the most, for inpiration

    I hope I helped you or someone out there. Congradulations on your wedding!

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