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I'm getting married in October. I already started sending out my Donkey Kong and Tetris save the dates. My invitations are printed like original Nintendo controllers on the front with the wedding details on the other side. I plan on having a geeky grooms cake for my guy. Haven't decided on what, however. Considering some factors that I can geek up a bit without it taking over the entire wedding. Things like the guestbook, my shoes, his cufflinks and socks, etc.

Also, I'm trying to arrange for us to have Rock Band set up so we can play during the reception!
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Re: Geek Brides!

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    Our cake is designed to look like a Tetris game with our wedding date as the score.  I just purchased 600 dice and about 700 Legos (god bless shopping in bulk) for our centerpieces which double as favors!  Also, in lieu of dancing, which we both are terrible at, we'll be playing boardgames!  Originally the cake topper was going to be some handmade sculpy figurines of our WoW characters, but after much struggling, we decided to purchase instead a fairy topper.  Initially I was worried that the wedding wouldn't be geeky enough to satisfy him, but I think we've reached a happy medium!  :)
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