what is everyone's plan for tanning?

i dont want to use a tanning bed but i want it to look professional, non orange, non streaky.

has anyone done airbrush tanning before? does it look natural? what kind of timeline do you recommend? (i.e. a week before the wedding?)

let me know your comments!
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Re: tanning

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    I've spray-tanned before. As much as I love orange color, it didn't look good on my skin. I tried several salons and no luck. I don't know what i'll do for the big day, I'd rather suffer in the tanning bed for a few sessions.
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    I haven't done airbrush tanning but I have done the VersaSpa (at Seattle Sun Tan in the Udist) a couple times. A friend of mine is a tanning connoisseur and introduced me to it when she worked there. It's basically like those mystic tanning booths but refined and way better! My skin tone is fair-medium so I only did a level 1 because I always fear of getting too dark. I love how it turns out! Didn't look orange at all and seemed to get on every bit of my skin (I did go in naked though). I'm going to do this for my big day and I'll probably go in 1 1/2 weeks before and again 2 days before - just because I notice that it lasts a 7-10 days on me and I'll want to make sure of the level.
    Needless to say, I'm never going back to the tanning beds again! Hope this helps!
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    I've never done airbrush, but I've done both Mystic and Versa Spa. I like versa spa the best (I went to to Seattle Sun Tan in Bellevue), it looks the most natural on me.
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    I have found that Versa Spa is the best but it only last 2-3 days for me and looks the best on the 2nd day. If you don't mind a tanning bed, do a tanning cocktail (tan in a bed and then airbrush tan right after) it will make it last longer.
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