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Grooms Cakes?

Who here is doing a grooms cake? Any ideas what  you're doing or when you're going to let him in on it? Is it a surprise?

I'm trying to figure out what things I can do to surprise FI the day of the wedding...
We're both HUGE hockey fans, myself for the Ottawa Senators and him for our biggest rival the Toronto Maple Leafs. I told him I was doing our wedding black/white/red because it was Senators colours and although it was a running joke for a long time he knows that's not actually the case lol

So to surprise him I ordered TML garters and won't tell him. I showed him a black lace garter set I was working at and then the only confirmation I gave him is that I ordered the garters lol Here are the ones that are being delivered to the house of one of my bridesmaids (so there's no chance he can peek):

Any other ideas to surprise him? TIA!

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