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Alternative Marie Antoinette Wedding Ideas

Hello fellow brides/grooms/whatever.  My fiance and I really enjoy the idea of having a Marie Antoinette themed wedding-Sofia Coppola's version.  We have quite a few ideas already, but I figured I'd see if anyone else had any good input as well.  I like to keep my mind open.  We are trying to make it a little more alternative/"god save the queen" european punk as well, just to  put some edge on it. Any DIY ideas would be spectacular as well, as we are definitely working on a budget.

Re: Alternative Marie Antoinette Wedding Ideas

  • What ideas do you have so far? That will help us to get a picture of what you're picturing :)
  • So far we are planning on using lots of desserts for a good portion of the decoration for the reception along with the obvious flowers, beads, fans, and feathers,  our color scheme is going to be the vintage pastel look with the very light pinks, blues, greens, and ivory with black also.  We're mostly looking for ideas for bridesmaid dresses, any other input to decor, wedding favors for the guests, invitations, etc.  Really any input on anything would be great.  The wedding is two years away yet, so we have lots of time. Like I said originally, we're looking for the marie antoinette lavish/classy look witih a punk/alternative influence (For example, my fiance wants to have waters in classy, possibly vintage suits/tuxes but have them be covered in tattoos/piercings/alternative hairstyles, something like that.)

    To be honest, I have never even thought about a wedding/getting married until I actually got engaged, also have never really been to a wedding, so all the help I can get would be amazing. I'm not all too sure about what I'm doing here. Haha.
  • I am the same way, I hadn't thought about getting married until there was a ring on my finger, so I didn't have some 'dream wedding' to go on lol
    I will think about this and get back to you :)
  • Rococo meets Rock n' Roll

    Colors: Pastel pinks&blues, gold, creams, black

    Date Ideas: 
    • Halloween time: Guests could dress up either in "masquerade" style dresses or go more punk rock/steampunk (although I know "steampunk" is more Victorian era). You could do this at any time in the year, but it feels like guests might get "more" into dressing up if its around Halloween and not March but you know your friends/guests a lot better than I do
    • Spring: Aim for an outdoor, garden party; think Palace of Versailles gardens meet Mad Hatter Tea Party
    • Midsummer Night Party: I believe this is normally towards the end of June but it's whenever the summer solstice occurs for the year
    Favor idea: nice hand fans, masquerade masks, desert boxes to go with French pastries/deserts

    Venue: Outdoor garden or find a reception hall with a large ceiling to recreate the feeling of Versailles. Setup the room with long banquet tables around the sides of the room so people can dance in the center area sort of like a royal court banquet. 

    Music: DJ, ipod, small quartet. Keep in mind there are bands like the Vitamin String Quartet which do a lot of rock songs which you could get away with during dinner; still rock, but slightly less obvious. Who doesn't love a string version of Iron Maiden! They also have everything from Nirvana, The Smiths, Queen, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, The Cure, Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd, etc.

    Bridesmaid Dresses: Voluminous cocktail dresses (perhaps with colored tulle underneath) that the girls can wear with tights, formal masquerade type dresses, or anything flowy and whimsical with chiffons. Corsets come to mind, but it'll depend on if your bridal party feels comfortable in that type of outfit and if it's appropriate for your venue/group. No one wants to listen to Aunt Shirely go off about how the girls look like harlots. 

    Your dress: I'm sure you've got it covered but I came across this picture which screamed your wedding so maybe one of the dresses will help give you an idea although I'm sure they are expensive:

    Hopefully this helped a little and I didn't offend your original vision.
  • My wedding is May 19, 2013. My theme is Marie A. :) My colors are bright pink, and light pink. Our wedding is outdoors in a English garden/conservatory. I am very crafty so I am making many of my decor/bouquets/favors...I googled/looked on etsy and various sites to get my ideas. Even watching the movie a few times for inspiration! Feel free to contact me, and I will share my ideas.
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    I love this website : I think it'll have exactly what you're thinkIng of as a wedding dress if you haven't picked one out yet. Let me know what you think and if it helps any!
  • Oh dear I forgot to tell you the website! Lmao. It's:
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