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Groom wants to walk into Thunderstruck by ACDC

So my fiance wants to have him and the guys walk into Thunderstruck by ACDC.  We both love rock music and I do like the song; however, now I'm struggling thinking of a song for the girls to walk into... any suggestions?  This guy hasn't asked for a single thing about the wedding and has been supportive of all my ideas.  I'm going to give him his entrance, but I need help.

Re: Groom wants to walk into Thunderstruck by ACDC

  • don't know the music...does it have a celebration feel?

    I went to a wedding where the groomsmen and groom walked into the Grand finale from Star Wars.  It was so totally that groom that the guest laughed and clapped at the music from the first.  Yes, we all recognized it.   If Thunderstruck has a celebration feel, then go for it and have fun with it. 

    Oh and the bride chose something totally different for the entrance for the bridesmaids and bride.   They had someone manning the sound systems and the transitions were seamless.   
  • I think that's a fabulous choice.  :)
    Think of songs that you like, and that will speak to your relationships with your girls.  Are you guys partiers?  Are you more low-key?  Into indie-bands, or pop music?  I'm sure if you start thinking about common themes you share with your girlfriends, you can come up with something.
    Or throw all that to the wind and simply pick a song you like.
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    I just flipped through my music collection just to see what I found....  

    Thunderstruck is a very powerful song to try to compete with : so either you're trying to match its intensity...or you do your total own thing.  

    My initial instinct was that you need a girl-power song.  Preferably sung by a female, and theres only so many strong female artists out there... the problem is finding a "classic"  Some female rock or pop singers are a little immature, or have disturbing lyrics.  (Hole: too aggressive and angry. Lady gaga: too out there.  Britney spears: ?immature.  Rihanna: ??  i dunno)  Or pick a male sung song like beastie boys or something...

    I'm not sure if you have a song that means something to your girlfriends...maybe they would have a good suggestion.

    My personal instinct is Goldfrapp - Ooh La La... but that song has meaning to me and my girlfriends.  
    Or you can continue on with the same ACDC...
    good lucks :)
  • Here are some songs that you might like :)
    I know you said you liked rock music, but this one is a little more pop...but still a fun song nonetheless:
    "Tell Him" -The Exciters (they did it on Glee so if you like that version better, then go for it, no one has to know it's from Glee)
    "Oo La La" -Grace Potter and The Noctornals
    "Why I Am" - Dave Matthews Band
    "Take It Off" - The Donnas
    "Edge of Seventeen" - Fleetwood Mac
    "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" -Cyndi Lauper
    "I Love Rock & Roll" - Joan Jett

    Best Advice: Have fun with it! If you like the way the song sounds, then choose it! Unless the lyrics are completely and utterly innappropriate! Wink
  • Is there an instrumental version of this song that you can walk into?
  • Oh these are great ideas! I'm trying hard to work on ideas... I think we may do a slight pause after he walks in with the guys to give ourselves a chance to "reset" the beat.  I really thought he was joking, but I was SOOOO wrong!
  • First thing that comes to my mind is PJ Harvey's "this is love".
  • That is awesome! I will be walking down the Aisle to ACDC as well. Look up Vitamin String Quartet ACDC. For the instrumental versions of a bunch of ACDC songs, as well as a ton of instrumental rock songs. 
  • I think it's awesome....It's a high energy song, bound to add some excitement to the entrances.  If this is the only thing your man is asking for, give it to him...a marriage requires compromise, so this is a great start.
  • I would look into doing a Blondie song or something like that...or maybe Heart? Love the idea of coming in to ACDC though...rock it.
  • i think its awesome!! we want to walk in to something by kiss.
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  • Rasputina has a cover of Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin that is AWESOME. But I'm a huge fan. 

    personally, my FI wants to come in to Tool, but hasnt narrowed down a song. the gals and I are either going to have rock and roll or Voltaire's cover of Love Song (the cure)

    Nothing against the Vitamin String Quartet but, if you're gonna do it all the way
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