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off beat save the dates?

considering using some sort of variation of this for the save the dates. then maybe our photos in the inside

Re: off beat save the dates?

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    I like it. Its different. I am looking at STD's right now and I dont like anything and the ones I do like are 4.00 each. I just cant spend that
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    That looks soooooo cute!

    I also love the DIY save the date templates from Wedding Chicks - link and Weddingbee - link. We used one from one of those sites, but I can't find it right now. They're cute, and perfect if you're on a budget. We just bought a bunch of cardstock (in fact, if you want white, blue, or yellow you can have our extras) and envelopes (we have a bunch of yellow). They came out cute :)

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    I saw some really cute offbeat ones at and they offer a special discount if you order in certain batches.
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    FI designed ours in photo shop using a picture we took with his camera & tripod. My brother printed them (=free!) but you could get them printed at a Kinko's etc.

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    My husband drew our save-the-date!  I could not find any that I liked online.

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    We used Vistaprint to print ours. We did magnets. Cost about $16 for 100 small magnets and then we did a custom secturity lined envelopes that said "Ben&Meshell 10/14/11" also about $16 for 100

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: off beat save the dates?</a>:
    [QUOTE]My husband drew our save-the-date!  I could not find any that I liked online.
    Posted by ~Tuck~[/QUOTE]
    I love it!!! And how cool that he drew it!
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    Ours were more traditional magnet photos, but the photo itself was a little more offbeat. Our photog did a great job.

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    I was also going to suggest ~ tis where I found our cute 8-bit game save the date.  lol
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