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Nerd Wedding at a Movie Theater

My fiancee and I are getting married at a local movie theater, and we wanted to have a nerdy theme involving comic book superheroes, fantasy characters (e.g. Conan the Barbarian and Elric of Melnibone), and incorporate that with a movie theme and my Disney princess-inspired bridesmaids. Any planning ideas?

Re: Nerd Wedding at a Movie Theater

  • If you have the budget, getting a film student or inexpensive videographer to make a cute movie short of you guys in costume being awesome. 

    Don't be afraid to go crazy with the costuming. That's the fun!

    Can the refreshments bar have drinks or cocktail appetizers? Or popcorn bags/candy to snack on during the ceremony?
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    [QUOTE]Can the refreshments bar have drinks or cocktail appetizers? Or popcorn bags/candy to snack on during the ceremony?
    Posted by anssett[/QUOTE]

    That's a great idea! I hadn't even thought about that. Thanks :)
  • Love it! Fellow nerd! I think you should do superhero cake toppers.
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    I love this idea! 

    Have you considered setting up a popcorn bar with a variety of flavored popcorn? Don't forget the seasoned salt!

    Paper goods could resemble movie tickets or movie posters. For your Save the Date, if you're good with Photoshop, you could modify your favorite movie poster to announce your wedding date starring the two of you. 

    You could have a red carpet either outside the venue to greet guests as they enter or inside that you'll walk down when you get married. 

    If you haven't chosen colors yet, and it won't clash with your theater's color scheme, then black, red, gold and silver tend to come to mind when I think of movies and Hollywood. 

    Photography Idea: Since you'll have the theater you could take a lot of different pictures with guests sitting in the seats. One of my favorite movies is Amelie and I love the scene where it shows her looking back at the crowd in the movie theater. If I was getting married in a theater I would want to recreate this by taking three photos while the bride stays in the same position.

    The first one would be facing the crowd and show the back of the bride's head, the second would be from higher up in the stands looking down at the bride who is the only one turned around, and the last one would be from the bride's point of view and just be an upward shot of the crowd . When you put the three photos side by side you'll have the same shot from all angles. 

    I apologize if that came out confusing. 

    Good luck!
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