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Need advice on our Wonky Ft. Worth Wedding!

We've decided to have a very small wedding just our families and closest friends since there will be less than 50 people we've decided to do things a little differently. We'll be having a mid-morning ceremony then we'll be going to a local restaurant for a lunch and cake cutting & then....this is where I've run into a planning speed bump...what do we do after that?! Later in the evening we will be going out bar hoping to celebrate in lieu of a "party reception" but what do I do with my guest until then? I thought about planning an outing but what kind? I don't want everyone to be to tired to go out later & I would like to give them some down time & get to hang out with my hubby!!! Most of our guests live within 45 minutes and a few of them will be in from out of town, so I don't want the out of town guest to be bored or the in-town folks to have to drive home & come back later. Any advice on this unusally spaced out wedding day? Thanks guys!  

Re: Need advice on our Wonky Ft. Worth Wedding!

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    Thanks for your input! It is an optional thing & that's exactly how we've presented it.. Since its only close friends & family most of them will want to hang around & hang out-I just dont want us to sit around without anything fun to do.
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