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Zombies + concerts + ninjas + pirates + penguins = ??

Ok so my FI and I are NOT a typical bride and groom combination. We are into video games, The Walking Dead (filmed in my hometown), books, penguins, pirates, memes, rock music and concerts, etc.

I am trying to fit all of this into some type of reception idea. Preferably a centerpiece. We are having approx 125 people at the reception with a photobooth. I was thinking originally of making each table represent things we love (i.e a zombie table, video game table, etc) but I am not sure how I can make this translate without looking stupid....or like a 10 year old's birthday party.

Any ideas? Pics/links would be appreciated!!

Re: Zombies + concerts + ninjas + pirates + penguins = ??

  • I saw a really cute idea where the couple took pics of themselves for the table numbers...You could make the theme really discreet that way, if you had a "regular" centerpiece plus a photo framed with you guys with each of your loves.  Ie, table 1 has you holding a #1 and dressed as zombies, table 2 has you as pirates, table 3 could be a funny meme that ties into your wedding...

    You can incorporate books into the centerpieces by making a stack and setting a vase of flowers on top (or anything else).  

    Ask your DJ/band to play songs from your favorite rock bands and anything you've seen live in concert.  

    I've seen a TON of AWESOME video game cakes.  Or zombie wedding cakes, if you want to go that route.  

  • Thanks, I was totally thinking of incorporating books that way. Good idea. Also LOVE the table numbers idea.  Thanks!
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