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doctor who luminaries

fi came up with an awesome idea!
doctor who luninariesfor table centerpieces
we have 12 tables (8 for guests and 4 for wedding party) so he suggested taking luminary bagsand making each bag one letter and spell out table names

rose       BAD WOLF
Idris        TARDIS
Wilf         stars
Jackie     Tea

and for our tables
 Doctor    River
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Re: doctor who luminaries

  • Oh that's a great idea! We're using Doctor Who for our wedding theme, I even have a board on Pinterest with some of my ideas for it, but still looking for more! :)
  • i have addresses for the cast of doctor who (including tennanat and eclleson) is you send a self addressed envelope and an international reply cupon to cover postage (2.50 at local post office or at they will send you autographed photos
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  • I love your suggestion of autographed photos!!  Can you send me addresses, please.  I think they will make great table numbers based on the year!!
  • Can you let me know of the address for David Tennant? My fiance would freak if we got an autographed photos. I would freak! It would be amazing! :) We haven't figured out tables yet but I know for the ceremony, I'm wearing shoes similar to the ones Rose wore in the idiot's lantern episode and we're going to have cookies and vanilla pudding for the fish sticks and custard. We're going to set up a biscuit and jam tray to look like the tardis self destruct button! :) We have a few other ideas too! 
  • sure will post them here

    darvill, arthur

    Independent Talent Group Ltd. Oxford House 76 Oxford Street

    london W1D 1BS


    eccleston, christopher

    Independent Talent Group Ltd. Oxford House 76 Oxford Street

    London, W1D 1BS


    gillian, karen

    Independent Tale Oxford House nt Group Ltd. Oxford House 76 Oxford Street

    london W1D 1BS



    piper, billy

    Michael Foster Management 55 Newman Street

    london, W1T 3EB


    simm, john

    Independent Talent Group Ltd. Oxford House 76 Oxford Stree

    london W1D 1BS



    Smith, Matt

    3rd Floor 74 Clerkenwell Road

    London, EC1M 5QA

    Alex Kingston
    PO Box 1922
    Darlington, DL3 0UR


    David Tennant

    c/o Independent Talent Group
    Oxford House
    76 Oxford Street
    W1D 1BS


    We would advise that you send a stamped, addressed envelope that is big enough for a postcard to fit inside with your letter if you would like David to send you a signed photo.

    If you are sending a letter from overseas then you need to include International Reply Coupons to cover the cost of your return postage.

    Your local Post Office will be able to advise you further.



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