PSA: Shoes

I had a summer wedding so flip flops were the best to change into after the pics, ceremony, etc. and they worked pretty well (the ones I got were semi-comfy, but much easier to walk in).  Then I saw this deal online for foldable/portable flats and just bought 2 for my friend (one of my BMs actually) and I because we had talked about getting something like this recently: http://tippr.com/i/1nJQGQz5/l/ 

Thinking about it today, going into the crummy weather, they would be a great option for someone to change into for reception if your feet start to hurt, or even the black ones for when your shoes start to kill at the bachelorette party (as mine have a few times).  I wish I had known about these months ago - they would have saved my feet so many times!  Just an idea for an option for anyone looking for something like it.

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