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Hi everyone, I'm just under a year away from our proposed date. I was wondering if anyone is Catholic or religious and if they have contacted any clergy or ex-clergy if your Catholic, to officiate. We're having the wedding in Chicago, so if you're from here, it would be even better, but any suggestions on a religious, but not overly, ceremony? Thanks, Brianna

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    You might check out the [url=]Dignity USA site[/url].  They are a specifically Catholic gay organization, and may be able to help you locate a priest or ex-priest willing to help.
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    Hello Brianna - my partner's family is Catholic and having a Catholic wedding is important for our wedding.  After lots of research we did find a sect of Catholism that would work - Old Catholic.  Old Catholic officiants can marry same-sex couples and they are not required to have the service in a Catholic Church.  A web-site with more information is Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!  ~Becky
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    Hi Brianna, My partner and I were both raised Catholic and also wanted to have some element of the faith we were raised on to be included in our ceremony.  Believe it or not, we found an ex-Catholic preist on to officiate our celebration planned for next year.  Best of luck to you.P
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