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Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some opinions. Our wedding is going to be outside, so I would really like to wear a shorter dress. I guess the length I am thinking of would technically be considered tea length (it would be slightly below my knees). My partner is wearing a dress also, but wants something that is going to cover her legs. Her dress won't have a train or anything - she's just thinking something longer. Do you think it will look funny to have two different length dresses?

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    If they are similar in formality, I don't think that their being different lengths will be an issue.  You might look for ones that have similar details so that they will look coordinated even though not matching.  For example, if they are not white, you might look for one that has an accent color that is the main color of the other one.  Or look for similar lace, embroidery, pearls, etc., to tie them together.  If you check my bio, you will see that our two dresses are different styles, but that the embroidery makes them look coordinated.
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    absolutely not! I actually think it would look funny if they *weren't* somehow different. You're a couple, not twins, know what I mean?

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    Thanks! We want dresses with details that are similar, so you guys are right - as long as they aren't totally different it should be fine.
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    I totally agree that it's no biggie.  You should each have the wedding dress you want and feel comfortable in. 
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    So long as the detailing is similar, it should be fine to have two different lengths. However, you don't both have to wear dresses. At, there is a cute bridal outfit, Style 2045, with a sweetheart spagetti strap shirt and flowy pants to match. I absolutely adore this outfit, and would love to have it just to have it!
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