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Jamaica- Gay friendly???

Hi I am planning on doing a destination wedding with my fiance and we think we FINALLY settled on a place- couples resorts in Jamaica.  The problem is,  after doing some research I have found that Jamaica does not seem to be gay friendly. My uncle and his partner are a huge part of my life and I definitely want them at my wedding--but I do not want to force them to go to a country where they may feel uncomfortable because of the lack of acceptance for their lifestyle. My uncle would never say any thing to me about my choice of destination because he wants it to be all about me, however I want this to be a trip that he can enjoy as well...So my question is: Has any same-sex couples visited Jamaica and what has your experience been...should I reconsider a location that will be more accepting of my uncle and his partner, and if so what are your suggestions. The fiance refuses to go to Mexico, because he thinks we will be killed by terrorist :s so does anyone have any other suggestions???

Re: Jamaica- Gay friendly???

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    I know gay couples who would not go to Jamaica out of fear of violence.  "Feeling uncomfortable" is the least of it!  You might want to check out the article at this link.
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    Thanks for sharing the article, I appreciate the input!
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    I've never actually been to Jamaica, but I have certainly read that it's a very dangerous place for LGBT people. As the previous poster said, it's not just an issue of feeling uncomfortable or having to avoid PDA, it's a serious physical safety issue. Honestly, if I were invited to a wedding in Jamaica, I don't think I'd attend. But that's just my two cents, and of course you should plan the wedding that's right for you. But if you're looking for other options, searching for gay friendly Caribbean locations brings up this article. I've also heard good things about Costa Rica being gay friendly. Good luck with your planning!
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    My partner and I went there two years ago. We did not like Jamaica. Jamaica does not like gay people. However if you stay in Negril I think that would be the best place for you to go.
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    My DF and I went to Negril, Jamaica in March of this year (that's actually where she proposed!) and had a marvelous time.

    That said, we never went off the hotel compound without a tourguide or cab driver who had been recommended and approved by hotel management.  And even then, we encountered guys (including one of the tourguides) who joked about abducting my bootylicious FI and making her stay in Jamaica forever, because that's just how they flirt with white women.

    At no point did we feel unsafe.  But my advice for gay visitors is the same as my advice for anyone going to Jamaica.  Don't go off the resort without professional accompaniment.  You can still have plenty of fun with a "babysitter".  She rode a dolphin, I held a shark and dove off a 30' cliff, and we both did a zipline over a waterfall, and we'll cherish those memories for the rest of our lives.
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    i'm late to this thread but i grew up with both jamaican and gay people:

    they don't mix easily or well in most cases.

    i would not recommend JA as a place for a same sex couple.  if you are happy to stay ON resort, you will probably be just fine but off resort,  safety and comfort becomes an issue.

    Negril is a good bet and maybe montego bay but stay far far away from kingston.

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    I went to Jamaica a few years ago with my fiance and we are a lesbian couple.  We did have some stares, but nothing harsh. We do know that its harder to visit Jamaica as a gay (man) couple...
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