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Wedding Party Attire.. A cohesive and traditional look for a spectrum of characters?

Hey all! Doing some preliminary planning here in Atlanta (no ring yet..;) and wondering if anybody has some good ideas or photos for making my wedding party look as awesome as they are... Here are the basics:

1. Both brides will be in white dresses
2. The wedding will be as "traditional" as is afforded a same-sex ceremony ;)
3. The wedding party consists of straight and gay guys and girls that fall all across the butch/fem spectrum with varying body types

Any ideas about creating a cohesive look for the party as a whole while allowing our favorite people to choose looks that compliment their bodies and styles?  

Re: Wedding Party Attire.. A cohesive and traditional look for a spectrum of characters?

  • Our bridal party is also mixed-4 women on my side and 2 men/2 women on my fiance's side.  We are both wearing different, yet complimentary off-white wedding dresses. We are having a traditional ceremony with a non-denominational, ordained friend officiating.  Fortunately, all 6 of our women are quite feminine and all will all be wearing a traditional bridesmaid dress.  The 2 men will wear classic light-colored suits and a tie to match the color of the bridesmaid dresses. 

    To save yourself a lot of stress, I would recommend not giving the bridal party much say as you are bound to get many conflicting opinions/ideas and then you're setting yourself up for unhappy people. You can get a cohesive look from color, even if they are all wearing different things (suits with a certain color tie, dress, etc.).  You should decide on your wedding color and direct them to find what they feel best in and match the color.
  • I agree with Michonip save yourself the stress of allowing the bridal party much say... I actually picked 3 dresses for my girls and then gave them a chance to pick one each to try on as well and it was all over the board with only 2 picking the right style of course all the girlies girls are on my side and my fiancé is wearing a tux so the more butch and the 2 guys are standing on her side but had it not been an even mix we would have done boy, girls girl, butch, girly girl and so on. As for a cohesive look with body types I chose the dress by looking at the style I wanted (retro 50's mix updated) for my more voluptuous girls that I knew would look good on them and fit and it was very complimentary for my thinner girls. As for the less femme we are going with tailored tuxes. I also am in Atlanta so feel free to pm me if you also need help finding gay and lesbian friendly vendors, venues etc... I found some places to suck even though they claimed to be gay & lesbian friendly.
  • Do not be afraid to use color put your fems in dresses, one of the nicest weddings had a diffinate color theme, and  all the dress were a different style but of the same color and it was pulled together with the suits and each suit had a matching shirt. So a nice suit what butch could resist that ! 

    So let the ladies try on a style that makes them feel pretty and then you pick the color and fabric !

    Reverend Lisa

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