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  • I dont because I'm not from the area, but I had a simlar question when we started planning our wedding.  I wasn't able to find anyone by reccomendation, so I just emailed various other companies that I knew of and had a good reputation, I was upfront and let them know it was a gay wedding(even though I dont think it should;ve mattered. I simply did this because I wanted to make sure they would be comfortable at our wedding, and not make my guests uneasy). To my suprise, most were more than willing to work with us. Many were even excited at the opportunity.  There were a few who never responded, but I look at it as their loss. Thats what I would recommend. Like I said, you shouldn't even need to let them know to begin with that its a gay wedding, but if you want to make sure they are comfortable with it, I think you should.
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  • I agree with the PP.  Check your local board for recommendations of good DJs, then contact the recommended ones and see how they respond.  Our experience was that very few wedding vendors showed any reluctance to work with us.  And of course, if one does, you can just go on to the next one.
  • I just asked one of our local DJ's here.  I've heard her spin several times so I know the quality of work she provides!  She was more than happy to DJ for our wedding and very reasonable with the price!  Plus I know she will be in a comfortable environment.
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